Mechatars Review-Reality Just Shifted, Welcome to Blended Reality



We’ve reviewed plenty of RC toys.  Online worlds where players battle each other?  Yep, been there, done that.   An RC Robot that can battle in the real world and also in an online world…now that is something new!  Introducing Mechatars, the new “blended reality” toy from iLoveRobots.

Battling Robots Have Finally Come to Life

Let’s face it, robots and creatures that battle in an online world is nothing new.  Pokemon and all the similar turn based battle games have been around for years.  What makes Mechatars different is the ability to battle and do mission in the real world, with an RC robot.   You can then upload your real world adventures to the online world (“The Mechaverse”).  How does this all work in practice?  Let’s take a quick look in our hands-on review of the Mechatars…

Mechatars Is Like Two Toys In One

The video above focuses on the Mechatars robot itself.  In the video we show off the Wrexx robot, they also make two other robots – Alpha and Kodar.  As a stand alone RC toy, the Mechatars are not going to blow anyone away.  Yes, you can have some fun driving around in Drive Mode for a few minutes, but the thrill of just moving the robot around fades quickly.

Luckily, you have two other modes which promise a lot more fun – Battle and Mission.  In Battle you can battle other Mechatars in the room and in Mission you go on Missions that you uploaded from the online world.  The neat part is that everything you do in the real world is uploaded and counts in the online world.   It is this tie in to an online world that makes Mechatars so much more than just an RC Toy.  iLoveRobots calls this “blended reality” and it is a fairly accurate term – your child ends up playing with Mechators in two worlds, that blend together to form one new reality.  Sorry, did I just blow your mind?

Played Pokemon?  The Mechaverse Will Seem Very Familiar To You

The online world of the Mechatar is the Mechaverse.  The Mechaverse is very much like Pokemon or Bakugan.  You equip your robot with various weapons and powers (which you can earn, buy or win from an online store) and then battle other robots.  The battle is turn based attacks, as you do in Pokemon.  If your child is into Pokemon style games they will immediately understand and love the Mechaverse.


Of course, the Mechaverse differs from Pokemon in the fact that what you do in the real world with your robot effects your powers and abilities in the Mechaverse.  The converse is true as well, if you upgrade your weapons in the Mechaverse, the next time your play with your robot in the real world, he will have those same upgraded weapons.

How Does Battling In the Real World Work?  We’ll Tell You When We Know

In theory, if you have two Mechatars they will sense each other and go into battle.  We say in theory because we only had one Mechatar to test and it takes two to tango…and battle.  We will try to get another Mechatar and will update this review once we have battled.  It does appear that being able to battle with friends would be a huge hit with the kids.

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Conclusion: Mechatars Are Coming, Resistance is Futile

Mechatars prove the old adage – sometimes the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  When you marry an RC Robot to a Pokemon style online world you end up with a blended reality that is more fun than either element alone.   In addition, at $39.95 the Mechatars are reasonably priced and will clearly make a popular gift this holiday season.  Parents, resistant is futile, once you kid’s friends have Mechatars, you can be sure that Mechatars will invade your home as well.  We suggest you befriend the battling robots, it is obvious they will try to take over the world one day, so  you might as well get on their good side now.

More Information:

Mechatars from iLoveRobots (ages 6-10) sell for $39.95 and are available now

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