Helping The Community, One BookShelf At A Time, Part 1



I will never take bookshelves for granted again.  From this day forward, I will appreciate all the bookshelves of the world, I have learned my lesson.  Sorry, have I lost you?  Perhaps I should back up a bit…

Helping the Community Requires Actions, Not Words

As a Dad, I firmly believe that it is important to do projects with my family that help the community.  As a writer for DadDoes.Com, I strongly believe that we all have a responsibility to help our community.   The problem with both of the above statements is they are just that…statements.  For some reason, I was having a hard time actually practicing what I preached, doing instead of saying, then Sears called.

Doing Good For the Community…Without Any Skills

Sears contacted DadDoes.Com and asked if we would like to take part in their “Do It Together” Traveling ToolBox program.  The concept was simple – Sears would send us a great toolbox full of Craftsman tools and in return we would use the tools to do good in the community.  We immediately said yes,  knowing that this program would finally get us to turn our good intentions into good actions.

It took about 30 minutes until I realized that I was not a carpenter and knew very little about building or fixing anything.   Sure, I could have gotten some skilled Dads together to work on a project in the community – but I wanted to show that anyone could make a difference…even without a lot of skills.

Building Bookshelves for a Public School…And Hoping They Don’t Collapse on Any Kids

I decided to recruit my wife and kids and prove that with a strong will and some quality Craftsman tools, anyone, even us, could build some simple bookshelves for a local public school.   I kept expectations low, we were just looking to make a sturdy and functional bookshelves, nothing too fancy.  So, after numerous Google searches on “How To Build the World’s Easiest Bookshelves” we were ready to get started…

Please Watch Part 1 of Our Video – Helping The Community, One BookShelf At A Time -

Doing Good Makes You Feel So Good

From watching the video, one thing is very clear – we know very little about building anything!  Still, the whole process of working together as a family and trying to help the community really feels great.   As a Dad, it feels so right to have the kids learn about giving back to the community.

UPDATE:  Stop Holding Your Breath – Part 2 Is Now Available

The suspense is over.  You can now click here to watch Part 2 of Helping the Community, One Bookshelf at A Time

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