Review: The Incredible Shrinky Dinks Maker, Behold The Power of a 60 Watt Bulb

The Incredible Shrinky Dinks Maker

The Incredible Shrinky Dinks Maker

You know what is great about being a Dad?  Teaching your kids how to be loving and respectful little people?  Nope.   The real joy of Fatherhood is telling your kids how all the toys were better when you were a kid.   Shrinky Dinks was one of the toys I played with as a kid and thought it was just magical.  Who didn’t love taking a piece of that special shrinking paper, drawing on it with colored pencils, throwing it in the oven and minutes later seeing your drawing as 1/3 the original size and 9 times as thick.

Shrinky Dinks and The Betty Crocker Oven Just Had a Baby

When we were asked to review the Incredible Shrinky Dinks Maker (due out October 2011)  we knew we didn’t have a choice in the matter.  We are Shrinky Dinks Geeks, so we needed to see what new things were going on with Shrinky Dinks.  It turns out the Incredible Shrinky Dinks Maker is basically a Betty Crocker type oven for Shrinky Dinks.

Take a look at our quick hands-on video review of the Incredible Shrinky Dinks Maker…

Shrinky Dinks Are So Simple, And So Fun.

As the video shows, kids love making Shrinky Dinks!  The Incredible Shrinky Dinks Maker makes it easy for kids to create Shrinky Dinks and also watch them shrink.   Our kid testers loved watching the Shrinky Dinks shrink, and that is something that is not easy to do in a standard oven.  In fact, we find it hard to believe that no one ever thought to make a Shrinky Dink oven before, it  just makes so much sense.

No, You Don’t Need to Go All High Tech With Classic Toys

We are not big fans of taking classic toys and filling them with useless technology (see our post on Monopoly Live).  Luckily, the folks at Big Time Toys kept things simple when making the Incredible Shrinky Dinks Maker.  No digital clocks, no talking computers – just a simple oven that runs on a 60 watt bulb.

As we show in the video, using the Shrinky Dinks maker is very simple.  Pre-heat the maker (by plugging it in) for about 10 minutes.  Place your Shrinky Dinks on the tray and push it into the oven.  Wait about 3 minutes, then pull the lever on the cooling timer.  About a minute later you just open the cooling draw and take out your new Shrinky Dink.

Pros of the Incredible Shrinky Dinks Maker

  • Easy to Use
  • Kids Can Easily Watch the Shrinky Dinks Shrink
  • Works With All Shrinky Dinks Templates and Designs
  • Less Parent Interaction Involved Compared to Shrinky Dinks in a Real Oven
  • Can Now Make Shrinky Dinks In Places Where You Don’t Have a Standard Oven

Cons on the Incredible Shrinky Dinks Maker

  • Tray is Only 3.75″ x 3.75″, so No Large Shrinky Dinks Can Be Made
  • Only Comes With 6 Shrinkable Sheets, Which Go Quickly
  • Does Not Come With a Light Bulb

Conclusion:  The Incredible Shrinky Dinks Maker

It is with great relief that we can report that Big Time Toys did not ruin the wonder of Shrinky Dinks with their Incredible Shrinky Dinks Maker.  In fact, the Incredible Shrinky Dinks Maker actually makes creating Shrinky Dinks even more fun and easy than before.  We love that you can use all the Shrinky Dinks templates and kits that are on the market with this maker.

We tested the Shrinky Dinks Maker with boys and girls (ages 7 -10) and they all had a great time making Shrinky Dinks.  It would be nice if there were more shrinking sheets included in the kit, but I guess it shows how popular the toy was that we went through the 6 sheets in less than an hour.  As we move toward the holidays the Incredible Shrinky Dinks Maker will be an incredible way to keep kids busy on rainy afternoons!

More Information:

Visit Big Time Toys to Learn More About The Incredible Shrinky Dinks Maker

The Incredible Shrinky Dinks Maker Sells for about $35 – Purchase at Toys R Us, Kmart or Amazon

Watch the video review of the Incredible Shrinky Dinks Maker

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