First Look: Hot Wheels Twin Mill and Rat Bomb, Epileptics Everywhere Beware!

Hot Wheels Rat Bomb

Hot Wheels Twin Mill and Rat Bomb

Hot Wheels is on a roll – sorry, couldn’t resist.   First, with the Video Racer,  they stuff a camera, LCD screen and mic in a standard Hot Wheels car.  Then they come up with the Nitro Speeders, the world’s smallest RC car that goes 0-600 MPH in 1 second.   Now they are set to launch the first ever Hot Wheels electronic motorized lights and sounds vehicles.  Yes, Moms and Dads prepare for a holiday season filled with Hot Wheels cars that blink, flash, do stunts, crash and oh yes, have plenty of mind numbing music and sounds!

You Think You Know Twin Mill and Rat Bomb?  You Don’t Know Squat!

Any Dad worth their weight in salt knows all about Hot Wheels Twin Mill and Rat Bomb cars.   Ah, the Twin Mill – first introduced in 1969 and the classic Hot Wheels look.   The Hot Wheels Rat Bomb was a newer look, but still that classic Hot Wheels feel – of course 1/64 scale of the real thing.

Well, prepare to have your mind blown to pieces…sorry about that.  The Twin Mill and Rat Boom are huge, have lights, motors, sounds and do stunts.   We managed to get our hands on a few of the new Hot Wheels motorized cars and did a test drive…

Watch Our Test Drive of the Hot Wheels Twin Mill and Rat Boom Motorized Cars…

Start Knocking Down Your Walls Now, These Cars Move

As the video shows these cars are pretty easy to operate – press one of the buttons on top and then watch it go…and go…and then go some more.   We tried playing with them inside, but they kept crashing into the walls because they really go a good distance with one push of a button.   Simple solution, just knock down all the non-load bearing walls in your house.  I guess you could also play with them in the driveway or clear a path for them in your house, but probably knocking down the walls is the way to go.

Hot Wheels Twin Mill III

The Twin Mill is part of the Hot Wheels Twin Mill Stunt Rider series.   As you see in the video, the car does wheelies, tilts on one side, the engines bounce and lights flash.  Of course, it also makes sounds and plays music.  Each button on top puts the car in a slightly different mode.   Beyond the standard 4 wheels, the Twin Mill has one wheel that comes out in front for wheelies and another small wheel that is used to tilt to one side.

Hot Wheels Rat Bomb

The Rat Bomb is part of the Hot Wheels Lights and Sound Trick Garage.  The Rat Bomb has the lights and motion, but it does not do wheelies or other stunts.  It does go pretty fast and the bouncing engine flashes red as it goes.  Both the Twin Mill and Rat Bomb look really cool in a dark room.

What is So Special About a Light and Sound Motorized Car?

There have been plenty of light and sounds motorized cars before, but these are a first for Hot Wheels.   The Twin Mill and Rat Bomb are not the only Hot Wheels cars to get the light and sounds makeover, here are the other cars in the series and their price points…

$3.99  – Hot Wheels Rock Racers – Fangula, Fast Fish, Rodger Doger, Nerve Hammer, Urban Agent, Rat Bomb

$5.99 – Hot Wheels Light Speedsters – Spine Buster, Ford Raptor, Drift King

$10.99 –  Hot Wheels Trick Garage – Rat Bomb, Twinduction, Ford GTLM, Ford Mustang

$16.99 – Hot Wheels Light Projectors – Arachnorod, Bone Shaker

$22.99 – Hot Wheels Stunt Riders – Rodger Dodger, Twin Mill

Conclusion:  Kids Will Love Them and Parents Will Curse Them

Cool classic Hot Wheels designs, motors, stunts, lights and sounds – there is a lot that kids will love about the new lights and sounds Hot Wheels. The cars are simple to operate, go fast enough and look very cool with their lights and moving parts.  Dads will also find these cars cool…until they start to go insane from the music and sounds!  Still, if something is going to drive you nuts, what better to do it than really cool looking Hot Wheels cars?

More Information:

The Hot Wheels electronic motorized vehicles are made by ToyQuest in partnership with Mattel’s Hot Wheels.  The cars are available now as part of the new Fall 2011 lineup.

Purchase the Hot Wheels Cars at Toys R Us

View our video review of Hot Wheel Twin Mill and Rat Bomb

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