Puppet Heap PlayThings – These Are Not Your Daddy’s Puppets

Puppet Heap PlayThings

Puppet Heap Playthings

I am a self proclaimed puppet lover.  Dog puppets, monkey puppets, pirate puppets – love them all.  Still, as much as I love puppets, puppets tend to be cute and cuddly, not hip and filled with attitude.  That is all changing now with the introduction of the PlayThings  from Puppet Heap.

Cabby, A Puppet Heap PlayThings, Pays Us a Visit

We first saw the PlayThings collection of puppets from Puppet Heap at Toy Fair 2011.  The puppets looked fun and hip, but you really can’t judge a puppet until you have tortured the kids with it for a few days.  We are glad to report that Cabby from Puppet Heap came to pay Dad Does a a visit recently and we created this quick video –

Puppet Heap Knows A Thing Or Two About Puppets

If you think Cabby looks like a puppet you would see in a movie, there is a very good explanation.  Puppet Heap has worked extensively on making puppets for movies and TV shows.  The PlayThings Puppets are the first puppets made by the Puppet Heap design studio for consumers.  As the video shows, the puppets are hip and have some great attitude.

What Makes PlayThings Different Than Other Puppets?

The first thing you notice when you pick up a PlayThings Puppet is that they are lovable but mischievous characters.  The puppets have real personality.   The next thing you notice is the detail and apparent depth on the puppets.  The map in Cabby’s pocket looks like it is coming out of his pocket, even though it is actually completely flat.

Puppet Heap is using a new innovative printed fabric process that allows them to put incredible details on the puppets and increase the appearance of depth.   What really makes the puppets different than other puppets on the market is the oddness of each character.   You just pick up the puppet and you feel like they have a whole bizarre back story to tell you.

Would You Like a Creepy Video With Your PlayThings Order?

Each Playthings Puppet also comes with an original video that Puppet Heap produced.  We got the “I Knew an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly” episode with our Cabby puppet.   Here’s the thing, I am 43 years old – but I literally had nightmares after watching the video.   Don’t get me wrong, Puppet Heap did a great job in making the video – but that story is just flat out creepy.    Perhaps the incredible detail and odd characters that Puppet Heap creates are so good that they just freaked me out.  My advice, watch the video first before you share it with younger kids.

Of Course There is a Website Tie In

It seems that every toy you buy now has some code that enter on a website to unlock more stuff…and Puppet Heap Playthings are no different.  The website was not up for us to review yet, but the plan is that you will be able to get interactive content, free downloads, contests and more.  I guess additional content on the website could be fun, but in my book the best way to enjoy a Puppet is to just let your imagination  run wild and see what happens.

Who Are Cabby’s Friends in the PlayThings Line?

Puppet Heap PlayThings

PlayThings will be released in two series.  Series One (due out Fall 2011) will include Mother Hubbard, Toby, Doctor, Constable, Lucy and of course our friend Cabby.  At a later date, Series Two will come out with Scratch, Omar, Omar’s Mother, Priest, Butcher and Patience.  All PlayThings are 8 to 17 inches tall and have poly filling

Conclusion:  Puppet Heap PlayThings

We could talk about the advanced fabric printing technology used to create the Puppet Heap PlayThings – but really, who cares about that?  All we care about is are the PlayThings fun to play with?  The answer to that is YES!  I loved Cabby and more importantly, the kids loved him.  The puppets have great character and you just put your hand in one and crazy stories start coming out of your mouth. If you have kids who are more into the mischievous and odd than the cute and cuddly, they will absolutely love the Puppet Heap PlayThings.

More Information:

Visit the Puppet Heap Website.  Puppet Heap PlayThings will go on sale October 2011 and cost about $20 each

Purchase Puppet Heap Playthings at Amazon

Watch Our Video Review of Puppet Heap PlayThings

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