KOA Community Launches – Hold On To Your Hot Dogs This Will Be Fun

KOA Around the Campfire

KOA Around the Campfire

Let’s start with a quick quiz…

1. What Can You Tie Around Your Waist to Keep Mosquitoes Away?

2. Which of these ingredients is NOT in a Banana Boat – peanut butter, chocolate, fish heads or marshmallows

3. Tired of Melted Trail Mix? What Can You Replace Those M&M’s With To Avoid The Mess?

Want the answers?  Sure, we put them at the end of this post, but if you like spending any time outdoors you might want to go directly to the source that we stole this information from – the Kampgrounds of America (KOA) Community Campfire.

Is Starting A Real Campfire on Your Computer Dangerous?

Yes, yes it is.  For this very reason, we instead recommend you join the KOA Around the Campfire virtual community.   Oh, there are also a few other reasons to join – great discussions on camping and outdoor activities, helpful tips, great resources and did we mention a whole bunch of prizes for the launch party?

Join Us For The KOA Around the Campfire Launch Party – 8/23 at 9pm EST

Notice I said “us”.  I want to be very clear that I am proud to be a community leader over at KOA (see my full disclosure at the end of the article).  To really stoke the old campfire,  KOA is doing a very cool Around The Campfire live launch party on Tuesday, 8/23/11 from 9pm-10pm EST.  Beyond chatting about camping, outdoor activities and fun road trips KOA is also giving away a whole bunch of cool prizes.  We are talking fun things like – a S’mores Kit with Roasting Sticks, Play & Freeze Ice Cream Maker Ball, Rome Double Burger Griller, Coleman Sleeping Bag, Trekker Hiking Staff and so much more.  Click here to learn all about the KOA Launch Party.

Is This Just Another Example of a Brand Trying to Sell Their Crap?

We are constantly approached by big brands that want to start a “community”.  Of course, their idea of community is suckering a bunch of people into visiting their website and then trying to sell them stuff.  This is NOT our idea of a community.

We are happy to say that KOA is taking a completely different approach – they really are building a community.  Over at the campfire people are having discussions about the best way to keep bugs at bay, favorite camping recipes, sharing top camping photos, tips for camping with children and so much more.    In fact, I couldn’t find one discussion that was trying to sell any KOA product or service.

What is KOA? I Thought Kampgrounds Was Spelled With a “C”???

I may be one of the worst spellers in the world, but even I know campground should be spelled with a C.  However, Kampgrounds of America wants to show their campgrounds are different, so they go all crazy with the K spelling.  You can debate the merits of misspelling campgrounds, but you can’t debate the merits of KOA.

If you have ever been to any one of the over 475 KOA campsites, you know the amenities are first rate.  In addition, KOA has been in the camping business about 50 years, so they have incredible experience.  While the facilities are fantastic, I really believe it is the people that work at KOA that make it so special – it is basically impossible to stump them with any camping questions.

Now, The Answers to Our Quiz…

Here are the answers…

1. Dryer Sheets

2. Fish Heads, come on – what type of sicko ruins a perfectly good Banana Boat with fish heads?

3. Skittles

All of the above came from just three of the great discussions going on at the KOA Campfire.  So, come on over and join the KOA Community and share in the fun.  Also, don’t miss the KOA Live Launch Party on 8/23 at 9pm EST, but just promise if you win the S’mores kit you will share a S’mores with us!

FULL DISCLOSURE: We are compensated for our work as a community leader over at the KOA Campfire. The opinions expressed here are completely our own and 100% honest. Really, if we thought KOA sucked, they could not pay us enough to say otherwise!

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