Tenevis La Jolla Shoes Review: Do You Really Know How to Walk?

Tenevis shoes

Tenevis shoes

Do you know what the #1 participation sport in the USA is?  If you guessed walking, you get a gold star!  Yet with all the walking we do, we still don’t do it very well.   We rock, we sway and we put excessive pressure on our joints and spine.  Don’t take it personally, it is not you, as Spike Lee would say, “It’s the shoes!

Tenevis La Jolla Walking Shoes – The Funny Looking Shoe With The Funny Name

Tenevis (soft and powerful in Latin) has created a line of shoes and sneakers that use “bone and chip” technology to offer 127% more cushioning than a regular sneaker and reduce muscle fatigue by 40%.  If that’s not enough, Tenevis fitness shoes encourage better posture, improve foot health and relieve back pain.

Well, the above is what Tenevis claims – but is it true?  We will get to that in a moment, but first let’s take a quick look at our video review of the Tenevis La Jolle sneakers -

Balance Bone and Chip, Are We Talking Shoes or a Strange Daily Special?

Like Fish and Chips?  Wait until you try Balance Bone and Chip!  Seriously, the Tenevis sneakers feature a steel shank that extends from the heel to the midfoot – this is called the Balance Bone.  The balance bone prevents your feet from swaying back and forth, while providing them with an accelerated energy, and maximizes muscle effort by allowing knees and ankles to move freely.

In between the balance bone and the heel is the Balance Chip.  The balance chip absorbs shock in the heel, releasing tension as you walk and protecting knees, ankles and joints.   Each pair of shoes comes with 2 balance chips, a firm one and a soft one.  You can change the balance chip depending on where you are walking.  Hitting the trails for some off-road hiking?  Go with the firm chip to provide increased stability.

Is This All Just Crazy Marketing Hype?

We have to admit, when Tenevis first contacted us we were very skeptical.  I mean, we have somehow managed to survive walking all these years without “balance chip and bone” technology – is there really any science behind this?  It turns out there is some very strong science behind all of this…

  • Tenevis has received approval from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be used as an orthosis device.
  • Tenevis technologies were tested at the Calgary Institute of Kinesiology in Canada to verify their health benefits.
  • Study rated the cushioning 127.5 percent higher than an average walking shoe.
  • Study found that balance chip lowers the impact of each step on contact, thus reducing stress on ankles, knees and hip joints by 30 to 40 percent.

Walking in Tenevis Shoes is Like Walking With New Feet

We have been field testing the La Jolla Tenevis shoes for a few weeks now and it really is unlike any shoe or sneaker we have ever worn.   When you first put on the Tenevis you feel like you might fall over.  You then quickly realize the shoes are very stable and it actually feels terrific walking in them.  As bizarre as it sounds, it does feel like it requires very little effort to walk long distances.   In fact, after wearing the Tenevis for a few days, it felt very weird putting on “regular” sneakers and going for a walk.

Tenevis Sneakers are NOT Rockers

At first glance it may appear that the Tenevis sneakers are similar to rocking shoes made by companies like Skechers.   Rockers have a rocker bottom that propels the foot forward.  The problem with Rockers is that they have poor stability.  Tenevis are clearly NOT rockers.  By using a steel balance bone, Tenevis have very good stability and can safely be used for trail hiking and running without any problems.

If Anyone Needs Support When Walking, It is Moms and Dads

When reviewing a product we always ask the question – Can It Make a Mom or Dad’s life a little better? Since we spend so much time on our feet – walking, running and chasing our kids – a pair of shoes that can reduce leg fatigue and strain on our joints, absolutely can help parents.   Do the Tenevis shoes really reduce back pain?  Luckily we can not answer that one, since we didn’t have back problems to begin with.

Conclusion:  Tenevis La Jolla Fitness Shoes

When you first read about Tenevis it sounds like they are filled with marketing gimmicks, but in reality they are built with FDA approved, university tested technology that provides a fantastic walking experience.  Will Tenevis shoes turn a couch potato into a marathon runner? No.  Do they really cure back pain?  Not sure.  Do Tenevis shoes provide an excellent walking experience and reduce leg fatigue?  Absolutely!

More Information:

Visit Tenevis to learn more.  Tenevis shoes come in a variety of styles for Men and Women.  We tested the Tenevis La Jolla for men, which retail for $160.

Purchase Tenevis Shoes at Amazon.Com

Watch our video review of the Tenevis Fitness Shoes

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