Instead of Running Back to School Ads, Why Not Just Kick Kids In the Butt?

Back To School

Back To School

How often in life do you get to right the wrongs of your childhood?  It has been 30 plus years, but finally I am in a position to extract my revenge.  Beware you pen and pencil pushers.  Clothing dealers, you have just been put on notice – proceed at your own caution.  The war against Back to School ads starts today!

Summer – The Time to Do Nothing, On No Ones Schedule – Pure Joy

As a child, summer was heaven for me.  Summer days were days of freedom and fun.  I would hang out with my siblings and friends and play, ride bikes and mostly do nothing.  It was fantastic.  Even though I did not have a strong hatred of school, I still could not wait for it to end and summer to begin.   It was close to 80 days where I didn’t have to wake up early or do homework.  I did a camp here or there, but for the most part it was 80 days of doing what I wanted, when I wanted – and nothing was going to bring me down, well almost nothing…

Back to School Ads, AKA, The Knife in Kids’ Back Ads

Tragedy first struck in our household while I was doing the activity that I was sure would keep me most safe – watching mindless TV with my brothers and sister.   It was late July, we were just settling into the laziness of summer when it happened.   Without warning, our mindless cartoon was interrupted with the most horrific thing I had ever seen – a back to school ad! Holy crap! It was only July and we were now being told to start thinking about what to wear back to school?  I was only 6 at the time, but I knew life would never be the same.

We hoped at first that the ad was a fluke, scheduled to run Sept. 8th, but someone at the station clicked the wrong button.   That hope was dashed when more back to school ads ran – clothing, pen, paper, notebooks, bookbags – it was literally an all out assault on our carefree days of summer.

From that point on, summer was never the same.  We didn’t have 80 carefree days of summer, we were lucky to get 40 before the back to school ads got us thinking about school again instead of pondering if Wylie Coyote really was a super genius.

Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold

It may have taken 30 plus years, but it looks like I can finally seek vengeance against the industry that ruined my summers.  You see, we do a fair amount of product reviews here at Dad Does and we have been contacted by a number of PR agencies who would like us to participate in their back to school campaigns.    Can you believe it?  Now they want me to help ruin summer for kids across the country by reminding them that school is coming back?  Sure, we don’t really have a lot of kids reading our site – but still, we will not be party to the destruction of summer!  We say NO to running any back to school campaigns in August!

My Kids May Go To School Barefoot, But They Will Enjoy Summer

We say to the PR firms, we will not take your offers for back to school shoes, pens and lunchboxes to review.  Our kids may end up going to school barefoot, carrying their lunch under their arm and writing with sticks – but summer will continue.  PR firms, don’t take it personally, but this is war and the freedom of summer is at stake.   We won’t stop not running your back to school promotions until every last kid is back in school!

Now if you will excuse me, I need to go watch reruns of Captain Caveman.

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