Real World Review: Hot Wheels Nitro Speeders, So Small and So Freaking Fast

by nessel on August 12, 2011

Hot Wheels Nitro Speeders

When you think of high tech, innovative and cutting edge companies you probably think of Apple, Google and of course Hot Wheels.   Sure, laugh all you want, but Hot Wheels is on some kind of crazy miniature technology role.  Earlier we reviewed the Hot Wheels Video Racer – a car with a camera in it, but now Hot Wheels goes high speed with the Nitro Speeders – a tiny RC car that goes from 0 – 600 MPH in less than 1 Second (scale speed)!

Nitro Speeders – Because Fast Things Come in Small Packages

Hot Wheels Nitro Speeders are ridiculously small.   The car is less than 2 inches long and about 1/2 inch wide.  Yet, somehow the engineers at Hot Wheels have managed to shove not one, but two 30,000 RPM motors in the car and a super lightweight battery.   This horsepower means the RC Nitro Speeders fly on the floor – 600MPH scale speed – about 8 MPH actual speed.

Enough words, the Nitro Speeder is something you need to see action.  Take a look at our full video review of the Nitro Speeders where we race, loop, crash and dash…

The Nitro Speeders Are Fast, Maybe Too Fast

It was hard to capture on video how fast these little cars are.  In about 2 seconds they can race across your entire home.   The loop stunt in the video does show that the Nitro Speeders have so much speed they have no problem doing loops.  The Nitro Speeders do work with standard Hot Wheels tracks, so if your kids already have loops, they will have a great time racing the Nitro Speeders on the loops.

The problem with all that speed is that they can be hard to control at full throttle and you need a lot of floor space.  This is not the type of RC car you can easily drive around your house.   If you really want to zip along at top speed, it is probably best to do so on straightaways or on tracks.

You Know What a Fast RC Car is Good For?  Crashing Up Things!

All that speed can be a negative when trying to drive a precision course, but when you just want to crash up things – the Nitro Speeders are perfect.  As the video shows, we had a great time crashing up a city.  Surprisingly, the Nitro Speeders had no problem pulling our Hot Wheels Video Racer.  While the extra weight did slow down the Nitro Speeder, this actually made the car easier to control.

More of Chevy Guy Than a Ford Guy?  Hot Wheels Has You Covered

We took the Ford Mustang GT (1/87 th scale) for a test drive in our video, but you are not limited to just a Mustang.  You can also get a Chevrolet Camaro and Ken Block’s Ford Fiesta Nitro Speeders.  The Camero, Fiesta and Mustang all run on different frequencies, so you can race all three models at the same time.  You can not race two of the same type of car, for example, two Mustangs – as they operate on the same frequency and would interfere.

Pros of the Nitro Speeders

  • Super small and Super Duper Fast
  • Pocket Size Remote Doubles as Charger and Carrying Case
  • Great for Doing Vertical Loops and Jumps
  • Perfect for Crashing Up Cities
  • Did We Mention The Speed  – One of the Fastest RC Cars on the Market
  • Motor For Each Back Wheel Gives Precision Turning

Cons on the Nitro Speeders

  • Incredible Speed Makes Them Hard to Control
  • IR Remote Requires Line of Site to Work
  • Need A Great Deal of Flat Floor Space to Let Loose
  • Difficult to Control in Reverse

Conclusion on Nitro Speeders

If your son or daughter is into super fast RC cars, they will love the Nitro Speeders.  The car is rated for ages 8 and up, which makes sense because younger kids will have a hard time controlling this car.   The Nitro Speeders work great on tracks, doing loops and crashing up whatever your kids have built.

If you are looking for a car you can just drive around the house, the Nitro Speeders may not be the best choice.  Their high speed makes them hard to control on anything but a flat and wide open space.  Still, the fact that the Nitro Speeders can be carried in your child’s pocket and quickly pulled out for some insanely fast fun make them a winner in our book.

More Information:

Learn more about Nitro Speeders.  Price – About $27.95.  Ages 8 and up

Purchase Nitro Speeders at Amazon.Com

View our Video Review of the Hot Wheels Nitro Speeders

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  • Mary Ann

    Quite zippy!   Loved the idea of the tandem video racer/nitro speeder – cool video

    • Dan Dad Does

      Thanks – we just could not resist using the Video Racer with the Nitro Speeders.  It is amazing what Hot Wheels is creating these days.

      • Sambo

        Can they go on a road

        • Sambo

          They really go eight mph the looked like atleast 15 mph

          • Dan Dad Does

            HI Sambo – sorry for the confusion – 600MPH is scale speed.  In terms of actual speed for the tiny cars, not sure we did not clock it.  We have seen everything from 8 – 16 MPH reported.

            In terms of going on a road – would not work on a bumpy off road track.  They are so small and so fast, you really need a level surface – even minor bumps can make the cars flip over.


          • Sambo

            How long dus it take to charge and how long can you play with it for

          • Sambo

            Im looking to buy one are they fun to play with

          • Dan Dad Does

            Hi Sambo,

            If I remember correct, it took about 30 minutes for a full charge and you could play for about 20 minutes.  I guess it depends how fast you drive it.  We played with one for about 45 minutes before recharging – but we were not driving it that whole time – we were setting things up, making a course, etc.

            They are fun to play with, but you do need a lot of room if you want to go all out.  Last week we were at a hotel and brought the Nitro Speeders with us. It was a blast, we raced them up and down the large hallways and into a huge conference room.  If you have a lot of space, it can really be fun.

  • (Tony) RC Toys

    Gee these are small. Look as if there heaps of fun. On the Xmas shopping list.

    • Dan Dad Does

      Thanks for the comments.  Yep, super small and super fast.  I get the feeling these may be hard to find come Xmas time.

  • Lokomo

    WHere can you get replacement tires…. ?   We lost one and just got the thing home.  Ugh! 

    • Dan Dad Does

      Wow, that sucks!  I don’t know about the tires – maybe if you contacted Hot Wheels and explained what happened they could send you new tires?  Good luck!

  • Eric Costantino

    I love this review!

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  • Lilvictor11

    Dose it need batteries

    • Dan Dad Does


      Yes, the remote does need 4 AA batteries.  The car itself has a tiny rechargeable battery – you just plug the car into the controlled and it charges up.

  • Kittyplayer5

    how long does it take to charge and how long does it drive?

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  • nitrorcx coupons

    I love to drive Nitro cars. You can customize them according to your needs and they will give you speed like 60mph which is really amazing speed to test on the road while driving.

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  • Grandma

    No replacement parts available. Lost the car. They will not replace it even for a price

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