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Yesterday we did an article on a resource for parents that provides fun and useful gifts.  Today, we look at another resource for parents, but this one could actually help you make life and death decisions for your family.  2nd.MD is a new site that gives you online access to the top Medical Doctors, specialists in all areas of medicine, who you can video chat with about your specific medical issues and questions.

2nd.MD Proves That Video Chat Can Actually Be Useful

Video chat technology has been around for a number of years, but it has been a novelty.  Yes, you could chat with your friends and maybe show off the kids to the grandparents – but that was about it.  2nd.MD has actually found a way to take video chat technology and make it incredibly useful.

Before 2nd.MD, let’s say you lived in Maine and were told that your child may need an organ transplant, but you first need to talk to a specialist who is in San Diego, CA.  Your only choice was to try to book an appointment and fly to San Diego, for what might be a 20 minute appointment, in which the Dr recommends that you do not do a transplant and take a different approach.  With 2nd.MD you can schedule a video chat appointment with the specialist in San Diego and from the comfort of your own home find out what the Doctor recommends.

Making the Best Medical Advice More Accessible – This is A Great Service for Parents

We get approached to do numerous site and product reviews, and after a while it seems like we have seen it all and every idea has already been done…dozens of times.  2nd.MD is one of the few services that made us stop and say, “Wow, what a great idea“.   Here is a summary of what 2nd.MD does –

“2nd.MD is charting a new course in health care, delivering face-to-face consultations with clients around the world that seek medical expertise today. 2nd.MD gets people in front of the very medical specialist you need using video chat no matter where you are in the world. It’s an opportunity to speak directly to a doctor who might know more about a certain condition than anyone else in the world, while still remaining simple and efficient.  We have amazing doctors from the best institutions that are available in days and people might not have to even leave their home. Pediatrics is the heart of our service.”

I am sure any Mom or Dad who has ever had a medical issue with a family member can see the appeal of this service.  If someone in your family is sick, you obviously want the best possible medical advice so you can make informed decisions.  The idea that if the best specialist lives 3,000 miles away, but you can easily schedule a video chat with him/her without leaving your home is really a breakthrough in medical care. By using 2nd.MD you can have access to the best specialists, avoid waiting months to see him/her and you do not pay the expenses of flying across the country.

2nd.MD is Not Without Its Limitations

Of course the biggest limitation with 2nd.MD is that the doctor can not examine you or your child.  Clearly if part of getting a second medical opinion involves an examination of the patient, 2nd.MD is not going to work.  2nd.MD is meant for situations where the doctor can review your charts and provide information, advice and answer questions without doing a patient evaluation.

The other limitation of 2nd.MD is that currently it’s network of doctors is not as robust and complete as it needs to be.  2nd.MD is still in Beta and adding new specialist everyday, but clearly the success of 2nd.MD will be determined by their ability to get the best doctors into their network.

The third potential problem with 2nd.MD is how it will be viewed by insurance companies.  Will your insurance company consider a visit with 2nd.MD the same as a regular visit to a doctor?  For now, you need to pay directly on the site for video chats you schedule.  The cost varies based on the doctor,  but is generally between $125 – $300 for a 20 minutes session.   This is a great deal cheaper than flying cross country to speak to a specialist in person, so even if insurance does not cover it, it still seems like a great deal for a top medical expert to answer your questions.

We Need Your Help In Evaluating 2nd.MD – Free Consultation for Two Readers

UPDATE: Thanks to our great readers, we now have a full review of 2nd.MD from a Mom and Dad who tested the service. Click here to read the Follow Up Review About 2nd.MD

We believe strongly in not reviewing a product or service unless we have used it, but the good news is our writers do not have pressing medical issues at this time (unless you count writers block as a medical issue).   So, instead we want to help two readers out, who may need some medical help.   If you have a medical issue going on and could use the advice of a top medical doctor,  we want to offer you a chance to use 2nd.MD for free and let us know how it worked.

Head over to 2nd.MD and search for a doctor by health concern, disease or medication.  If it looks like there is specialist that would be perfect for you to chat with, drop us a comment or contact us.  We know this is a personal issue, so if you don’t want to talk about it via a public comment – we completely understand.  Instead, drop us an email with the name of the specialist you want to chat with.  2nd.MD has been nice enough to waive the fees for 2 readers to have a 20 minutes video chat with a specialist.

If you are selected to use the 2nd.MD service, we just ask that you tell us how it went.  Once we have feedback we will post it here for everyone to see how this service really works.  Of course, we will not disclose any personal information.

Conclusion:  2nd.MD – Online Medical Access to Consult With Top Doctors

As you can tell, we are very impressed with the idea of 2nd.MD.  As a Dad, I would love to be able to get 20 minutes with the best medical specialist if I needed to make some medical decisions for my loved ones.   We will withhold our final judgment on 2nd.MD until we have head feedback from our readers who use the service (see update below).  We certainly hope it works as well as it sounds because this has the potential to give people access to medical advice they could have never received before.

UPDATE: Thanks to our great readers, we now have a full review of 2nd.MD from a Mom and Dad who tested the service. Click here to read the Follow Up Review About 2nd.MD.  The short story – they loved it and highly recommend 2nd.MD!

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