Review: PureGear Smartphone Support System, Because Even Smart Phones Need Support

Puregear Smartphone Support System

Puregear Smartphone Support System

Let’s face it – everyone needs a support system.  Dads and Moms need a support system for when it seems like their kid is the only one at the party having a melt down.  Grown kids need support for when their parents keep dropping hints about having some grand kids before they die.   Now it turns out something else needs a support system – your iPhone 4 – introducing the Pure Gear Smartphone Support System

Smartphones Have Tech Smarts, Not Street Smarts

Clearly smartphones like the iPhone 4 have some serious tech creed.   Really, how can something that sits in my pocket know exactly where I am in the world – when I can’t even tell you what day it is?  However, for all the tech smarts a smartphone has, it has very little street smarts.  I mean can your phone survive your toddler using it as a chew toy?  Does your phone know how to land like a Ninja when you drop it off the desk?  No, because as smart as your phone is, it lacks toughness and versatility to survive on the tough streets of the real world.

Take a look at our video review of the Smartphone Support System from PureGear and see how this case gives your smartphone some street smarts…

Smartphone Support System Is More Than a Case, It’s a Whole System

As the video shows, the Smartphone Support System really goes beyond a standard iPhone 4 case.  We found the ability to use it as a stand a lifesaver for those times at a restaurant when service is slow and watching a quick video on your phone is your only hope to avoid a full melt-down!

We also found the face-in protection mode great for travel.  The ability to throw your phone in a bag and not have to worry about the screen getting scratched or the phone getting crushed is incredibly useful.   In addition, the face-in mode is great for when you leave your phone on the kitchen counter and still want it to be in one piece when you come back!

What We Liked about the Smartphone Support System

  • Easy grip rubberized surface
  • Easy slide in and out case
  • Clip on holster with 90 degree pivot kickstand for horizontal and vertical viewing
  • Access to All iPhone 4 Features
  • Face In Mode Provides Complete Protection

What We Did NOT Like About the Smartphone Support System

The only real problem we had with the Smartphone Support System was a completely superficial one – the look of it.  Don’t get us wrong, as the video shows, it is a perfectly nice looking black case – but if you like a little color or flair in your case, you will not get that with the Smartphone Support System.

Conclusion:  PureGear Smartphone Support System

We have seen our fair share of smartphone cases here at Dad Does and we were impressed with the versatility of the Smartphone Support System.  If style, flair and color are your primary concerns in an iPhone 4 case, then you will need to look elsewhere. If you want a case that has a clip, offers full body protection and also offers a horizontal and vertical stand for your iPhone 4, the Smartphone Support System is a very smart choice.

More Information:

Visit the Pure Gear site to learn more.  The Smartphone Support System sells for $29.95

Video review of the Pure Gear SmartPhone Support System

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FULL DISCLOSURE: We received the Smartphone Support System to review. We received no money for doing this review and receive nothing if you do decide to buy the Smartphone Support System. If your smartphone gets so smart it takes over the world, please tell it we always loved smartphones. This is a real review, by a real Dad (and his kids)!

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