Answer: Useful Things. Question: What Do Busy Parents Really Need?

Useful Things

Useful Things

Useful Things – AKA  things that busy parents can really appreciate.   When we were young, carefree and kid-free we could spend our endless free time finding artsy or impractical but cute things…but those days are long behind us.   As a Dad I now look for useful things that can make my crazy life a little easier or more enjoyable.

UsefulThings.Com a Site That Sells…Wait for It…Useful Things

When UsefulThings.Com contacted us and asked us to review their site, we were a little hesitant.  We tend to steer clear of reviewing ecommerce sites, because what can you really say – they sell things and you buy them.  However, an ecommerce site named Useful Things, this had the potential to actually be, well, useful for parents.  So, we had them send us a few useful things to test out…

Take a Look At Our Video of Useful Things…

Parenting Resources Come in All Shapes and Sizes

When you think of online resources for parents you tend to think of parenting advice sites and maybe medical sites.  You probably don’t think of a site that sells jars that capture the sun or pads that trap a pencil inside, but maybe you should.  UsefulThings.Com is a site that sell gadgets that can make a Mom or Dad’s life easier, and in my book that makes it a good resource for parents.

Useful Things Don’t Have to Be Boring Things

You know what is incredibly useful?  Toilet paper.  Still, a site that sold incredibly useful toilet paper just would not merit a mention on Dad Does.   UsefulThings.Com does a good job of finding useful things that are also fun.   If you need a light at night you could buy a simple nightlight or flashlight.  On the other hand you could get the Sun Jar (as shown in the video) which is useful, but also looks cool, is fun, hip and environmentally friendly.

The Notebook and Pencil (as seen in the video) is such a simple – yet fun solution to such a common problem.  If I had a pencil for every time I couldn’t find a writing instrument…wait, then I would be fine.  My point is in our house you can find a pencil and you can find paper – just never at the same time.   When we travel and the kids want a book to write in it is just useful to have a book with a pencil built into it.  I know this sounds silly – but believe me, we have had melt downs over a lost pencil.

Conclusion:  UsefulThings.Com – A Source of…. Fun and Useful Things

One of the amazing benefits of the internet is that you can find anything you want online.  One of the biggest problems of the internet is that because you can find anything you want online, it is impossible to find the few things you need.  It is information overload – thousands of products sold by thousands of sites.

Usefulthings.Com does a great job of picking a few cool, fun and useful things you might need and presents them in a no-frills, clear-cut manner.  Shop for useful thing for the Home, Office or Travel.  Will UsefulThings.Com change your life?  Nope.   However, knowing about a site that hand selects cool things that makes your life a little easier – that sure seems like a useful resource to us.

More Information:

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FULL DISCLOSURE: We received the Sun Jar and Notebook and Pencil to to review. We received no money for doing this review and receive nothing if you do decide to buy anything at UsefulThings.Com. Shop where you like, but we do like this store over UselessThings.Com This is a real review, by a real Dad!

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