MemoGel Pillow Review: Can A Pillow Really Rejuvenate Zombie Parents?

MemoGel Pillow

MemoGel Pillow

Look at your pillow.   I mean really look at it.  Does your pillow use an advanced gel to automatically form to the unique contours of your head and shoulders?  Does your pillow offer relief point technology to relax your muscles and send you peacefully off to la la land?  Does your sorry old pillow even have a honeycomb structure to create airflow and keep you cool at night?  Unless you happen to be the owner of a MemoGel Pillow from NexGel I am guessing you are pretty pissed at your pillow right about now.

The MemoGel Pillow Will Change The Way You Think About Pillows

I have to say we were a little reluctant when NexGel contacted us and asked us to review their MemoGel pillow.  Really, what is there to review in a pillow?  Well, it turns out that there is a lot that goes into a MemoGel pillow.  Before we go into all the technology that is in the MemoGel, let’s take a quick look at the MemoGel Pillow…

OrthoGel and HoneyCombs – It is All About the OrthoGel and HoneyCombs

As we show in the video, the MemoGel is no ordinary pillow.  The MemoGel uses Ortho-Gel, a substance that  is made from hundreds of hollow columns of DuraGel™, a patented ultra-soft, ultra-strong, solid rubber-like material. These columns come together to form one of nature’s strongest, most effective patterns: the honeycomb (just ask a bee). Each column wall is shared by adjoining columns which work together to give you the right support and pressure relief.

As we show in the video, the honeycombs in the pillow provide thousands of Relief Points. What is cool is that the honeycombs can work independently to provide just the right support for your head and neck.  To top it all off, the MemoGel also has a layer of memory foam to provide comfort and support.  This pillow sort of reminds me of the shape shifting Terminator, as soon as you put your head on the MemoGel it forms to your head and provides the ideal support for your noggin.  Luckily, unlike the Terminator, it does not try to kill you.

Enough of the Techno Mumble Jumble, Does the MemoGel Really Help You Sleep Better?

In a word – yes! Sleeping with the MemoGel was a completely different experienced compared to my standard down filled pillow.  On a normal pillow it is a one way experience – your head presses down on the pillow and the poor pillow can offer no resistance and just caves under your head.  With the MemoGel it felt like a two way experience.  My head goes to press down and the MemoGel presses back, with the right amount of pressure and support.  As I tossed and turned at night, the pillow reacted by changing the pressure it was exerting.

Even I just reread that last paragraph and it sounds like I have gone off the deep-end.  It is very hard to describe, but using a Memogel does not feel like just a better quality pillow, it feels like a different sleep experience.   I slept very well with the pillow and I had the rest of the family try it out and they too had very positive experiences.

The One Big Catch With the MemoGel – The Price

The MemoGel pillow sells for $199.  There I said it.  I will now give your mind a moment to scream, “What?? They Want $199 for a Pillow???”  Feel better now?  Okay, I am not going to sugar coat it, $199 is a lot of money, but for parents who don’t sleep well at night this might be a small price to pay for a good night’s sleep.

When we do product reviews we always  ask the question – “Will it make a Dad or Mom’s life a little easier or better“.  Moms and Dads tend to get less sleep than most people.  When we do get to sleep, who knows how long we have before some child is up and has a dire emergency we need to attend to (like fixing their blanket).  If the MemoGel helps you sleep better and reduces neck and muscle tension, this can definitely make any sleep deprived Mom or Dad’s life better!

Don’t Want to Plunk Down $199 for the MemoGel, How About Paying Nothing?

Yep, the fine folks at NexGel have agreed to do a giveaway to one lucky reader.  To enter our giveaway you simply take your first born and mail him/her to us. Simple, no? Okay, here is the real deal – we tried to make this as easy as possible, so here is the 3 Step Process…

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We will randomly pick one winner to get a $199 MemoGel Pillow on Wednesday August 17th, 2011.

A big thank you to NexGel for agreeing to our format for a giveaway. We believe giveaways should be giveaways – not workaways! For this reason, we don’t make you like us, follow us and jump through hoops to get into the contest. That being said, NexGel has a very active FaceBook page with some cool discounts – so you may want to check them out – NexGel on FaceBook.

Conclusion: The MemoGel Pillow from NexGel

The tag line that NexGel uses is “Discover the Power of a Rejuvenated You”, and I have to say it is a pretty good one.  I do find I have been sleeping better with the MemoGel and when traveling it is hard to go back to the “normal” pillows they have at the hotel.  Is it worth $199?  If you sleep like a baby (by the way, if anyone actually has a baby that sleeps…email me) with a normal pillow, then there is little reason to pay for the MemoGel.  On the other hand, if you are like the rest of us tired, zombie parents – surviving on caffeine and fumes, then $199 is a small price to pay for a better night’s sleep!

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