Cyco Cycle Review – Is The CycoCycle Crazy Fun or Just Crazy?

Cyco Cycle - The New CycoCycle

Cyco Cycle

We are lucky enough to get a lot of fun, interesting toys to review here at Dad Does, but the Cyco Cycle may be the strangest one yet.    Perhaps its weirdness stems from its origins…

“At a young age, a tiny CycoCycle was left on an orphanage’s front steps somewhere in the Midwest. Not having handlebars it was ridiculed by others and called odd, strange, and finally “Cyco.” A sad tale for sure.

Now the CycoCycle, as it’s called, is an emerging star. It basks in the glow of the paparazzi flash bulbs. Eat chalk you coldhearted orphanage make-believe people, the CycoCycle will not forget the little people who made it what it is today.”
Cyco Cycle Website

You Don’t Talk About the Cyco Cycle, You Show It!

Once we wrestled the CycoCycle out of the giant box it came in, it was time to test it out.

Watch us try out the Cyco Cycle….

Now For Our Disclaimers on The Video

The Cyco Cycle is for ages 13 and up, but I doubt when they said “up” they meant all the way “up” to my age!  My apologies to all the CycoCycles of the world, I feel I have disgraced you with my lack of stunt skills.   I felt like someone who buys a Ferrari and then drives it 10 MPH…and brakes on the turns.   My kids are 7 and 9 and loved riding it around, but since they were under 13,  I would not let them try stunts.   In the near future, we will get some teenagers on the Cyco Cycle and be back with a more impressive video.

Strange as It Looks, The CycoCycle is Crazy Fun

The commercials for the CycoCycle claim it is “crazy fun” and in truth that is an accurate description.  You feel crazy riding the thing and it is fun.  It is also a good workout.  Since the Cyco Cycle has no chain, you are always pedaling, no coasting with this bike.   We really got a nice workout just making the video.

The CycoCycle is Like a Canvas for Experimentation

As we show in the video, there are lots of ways to ride the Cyco Cycle.  You can pedal it like a bike, stand on back and use it like a kick scooter, hop it by standing on the two back wheels, give a passenger a ride on back or lean forward and ride it like a unicycle.  We had a blast experimenting with all the different ways to ride it, the platform on back to give taxi rides was a huge hit.

Parents, Cover Your Kids in Pads and Then Don’t Watch!

I loved riding the CycoCycle around and trying to do some stunts….as lame as they were.   As a Dad, it was very frightening watching the kids try to do stunts.  The CycoCycle is well made and nicely balanced, so we didn’t have any major spills, but I still advise that parents cover their kids in pads and a helmet and then look the other way!

Conclusion:  Cyco Cycle – Don’t Judge a Cycle By Its Looks

At first glance the CycoCycle looks like a manufacturing mistake.  A tricycle that got hit with a blast of radiation that knocked off the handle bars and made the whole thing grow.  However, once you start riding the CycoCycle it is very hard to stop.  It is fun trying to do stunts and teenagers who are into BMX bikes and skate parks will love the endless possibilities the Cyco Cycle offers.  Even tamer kids will have fun riding it and giving rides to friends.

The Cyco Cycle is well made and can be easily folded with a quick release lever.  This is a great feature since you will probably want to throw the Cyco Cycle in the trunk and bring it to a wide open parking lot to have some fun with it.

As a Dad there is some risk involved to the CycoCycle.  No, I am not talking about physical risk to your body, I am talking about risk to your self image.  After spending  hours riding around and doing – what you thought were  crazy, insane stunts – be prepared for your kids to yawn, look thoroughly unimpressed  and ask when they can finally have a turn.

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More Information:

Learn More At the CycoCycle site . Price is about $99

Video Review of The CycoCycle (Cyco Cycle)

FULL DISCLOSURE: We received the CycoCycle to review. We received no money for doing this review and receive nothing if you do decide to buy a Cyco Cycle. If you do get one, remember, it is for the kids – not you! This is a real review, by a real Dad (and his kids)!

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