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Ah, the conflicts of life.  It is summer, so you want the kids to be outside having fun.  However, as a parent, you also know it is important that the kids continue to learn and use some brain power while school is out.  Well, conflict be damned – Scientific Explorer has the solution…

Scientific Explorer Creates Outdoor Science Day

The fine folks at Scientific Explorer have come up with an idea that will keep the kids outside this summer, while still using their brain – Outdoor Science Day!  The challenge is simply to spend an entire day outside this summer with the kids, while doing some cool science experiments.

Dad Does Is Always Up For a Challenge

We are always up for a challenge, so with the help of Scientific Explorer we decided to spend a day outside doing science.  To help make the time fly by, Scientific Explorer sent us three of their science kits – My First Backyard Explorer KitIce Cream Kit and the Meteor Rocket Kit.

Would we survive a whole day outside?  Let’s take a look at the video and find out…

Scientific Explorer Kits Did Make Learning Fun

I know, that heading sounds completely cliche – but it is true.  We did not really push the learning aspect, we just had the kids play with the science kits and they ended up asking questions, reading the manuals and amazingly – learning!  Let’s talk a little more about each science kit we tested…

My First Backyard Explorer Kit – Insects Are You Ready For Your Spotlight?

My first Backyard Explorer Kit

My First Backyard Explorer Kit (ages 4 and up) is perfect for kids who like insects…and what kid doesn’t like insects?  As the video shows you get a cool two way viewer that magnifies what you catch.  You also get things like a bug net, collecting case, tweezers and other stuff to make exploring your backyard fun.

The other great feature about this science kit is the field guide – or manual.  They have some fun experiments and lots of information that kids will love to learn.

Meteor Rocket Science Kit – We Have Liftoff

Meteor Rocket Kit

The Meteor Rocket Kit (ages 9 and up) was a blast – literally!  There are plenty of science kits that use vinegar and baking soda, but this one does it in a way that produces some real power.  First you need to put the rocket together, which does involve some patience, but you get the payoff when you blast the rocket off.

The box states the rocket will go 100 feet, we never got it that high, but we did get it up and also had fun with our misfires.  Again, the kids were learning about thrust, fuel and aerodynamics – without even realizing it.   The manual has some great science tidbits and of course the kids love anything that blasts off and makes a mess!

Ice Cream Kit – Who Doesn’t Love Ice Cream?

Ice Cream Kit

Is there really a child alive who would not love the Scientific Explorer Ice Cream Kit (ages 8 and up)?   Let’s see, you get to mix ingredients, swing around a bag of ice in a T-Shirt like a crazy man and then top it off by eating yummy ice cream.  Really, need we say more?

I will add, once again, Scientific Explorer did a great job with the manual, which teaches kids the science behind ice cream.  You learn how salt lowers the freezing point of ice cream, the fat content of different milks and how the amount of air in your ice cream mixture determines the fluffiness of your ice cream.  They even have a page at the end on how to sell and market your ice cream.  Ben and Jerry – you better watch your backs!

Try The Scientific Explorer Kits Out Yourself with our Giveaway!

Scientific Explorer really wants all families to do their own Outdoor Science Day this summer.  To help you along, we have teamed up with Scientific Explorer to giveaway all three science kits ($60 value).

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Wait, It Gets Better – Win Cash and Science Kits!

We sure hope you win our giveaway, but if you don’t and really love science, there is another way to win.  Scientific Explorer is doing a Virtual Science Fair, here is the info –

“To share our love of science, Scientific Explorer has created an ongoing Virtual Science Fair. We’re encouraging you – kids, parents, teachers – to share how you learn and experience science, inside and outside the classroom. Send us your video entry – simply post a response video to one of ours! Each month we’ll select a winner of the Virtual Science Fair to showcase and reward with a $50 VISA gift card and free Scientific Explorer products. Here’s the video announcement for some more details.”

How cool is that? Just head over to the Scientific Explorer YouTube Channel for for all the info.

Conclusion: Scientific Explorer Science Kits

We had a great time with Outdoor Science Day and were very impressed with all three science kits – My First Backyard Explorer Kit, Ice Cream Kit and Meteor Rocket kit.   The science kits provide the right balance between science and fun.   The kids loved making ice cream and blasting off rockets – as I expected.  What was interesting is that they really enjoyed the Backyard Science kit, which I thought would be too young for them.  I guess there is just something about seeing a stink bug under a microscope that never gets old!

More Information:

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FULL DISCLOSURE: We received the Scientific Explorer Science Kits to review. We received no money for doing this review and receive nothing if you do decide to buy the Science Kits. If your child goes on to win a Nobel Prize in Science after using these kits, please have them dedicate their first book to Dad Does. This is a real review, by a real Dad (and his kids)!

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