Video Game Reviews For Parents, Real Reviews Without the Techie Hype

Video game reviews for Parents and Kids

Video game reviews for Parents and Kids

Today we are proud to launch the newest section of – Video Game Reviews.  As we examined the landscape of online review sites we noticed that no one, absolutely nobody has ever done a video game review online.  Yep, we searched all of Google and found nothing…

This Just In, Our Internet Connection Was Down – Turns Out Everybody Does Video Game Reviews

Ah, as it turns out our internet connection was down, that would explain the zero results for video game reviews.  Now that things are running again, let’s see – holy crap85 Million results for video game reviews???  Does the world really need another site offering up video game reviews?  Yes, yes it does.

Video Game Reviews for Parents – Because We Have Lives

The vast majority of video game reviews are written by and for single males, ages 16-35.  This demographic seems to have endless time to clear stage after stage of the latest and greatest battle games.  They also possess some incredible dexterity to handle the video game controllers that have more buttons than a cockpit.

Then there is us – the Moms and Dads of the world.  We might have 12 minutes of quiet time to ourselves – right between the kids playing together and the kids fighting together.  Our free time is measured in milliseconds.  Oh, and when it comes to dexterity, we are lucky if we can figure out how to get the disc in the video game system without wrecking it.

Still, don’t sell us Moms and Dads short.  We like to have fun and would love to blow off some steam with a fun video game, we just need to find games that are a fun escape without requiring a huge commitment of time and expertise.  Enter the DadDoes.Com Video Game Reviews…

Video Game Reviews That Even a Parent Could Understand

Our motto for product reviews has always been to find products that can make a Mom or Dads life a little easier or more fun.  Video games may not make your life easier, but the good video games can clearly make your life more fun…for a few precious minutes.

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Two Types of Reviews – Video Games for Kids and Video Games for Parents

As parents we wear many different hats.  One hat is the concerned Mom or Dad trying to find age and topic appropriate video games for our kids.  We will review video games that we think kids will enjoy and talk about playability, education and possible sources of frustration.

The other hat we wear is a tired, burned out parent who sometimes just needs to have some fun.  For this we will offer video game reviews which focus on how quickly you can pick a game up and start having mindless, outrageous fun! Don’t worry if you are not a “gamer” – neither are we.  There will be no mention of frame rate, resolution or graphics engine – you want to quickly find fun games, not write a thesis on game design.  We will be reviewing some really fun games, in all different styles, that parents can have a blast playing while the kids are not around.

Have a Suggestion or Video Game You Want to See Reviewed?

Let us know!  We are new to the world of video game reviews.  We will be looking at games for all the major platforms – Sony Playstation 3 (PS3), Nintendo Wii, Nintendo 3DS and DS and the Microsoft Xbox 360.  If there is a particular game you would like to see reviewed – either for the kids or yourself – just let us know.

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