Review: Sensoglove Golf Glove, A Golf Club’s New Best Friend

Sensoglove, Golf Glove Review

Sensoglove, Golf Glove Review

I lose sleep at night just thinking about the horrible existence of golf clubs across the world.   These poor clubs spend their life being smashed into golf balls and held in a strangle grip by amateur golfers.   Luckily there may be help on the way in the form of the Sensoglove, a new golf glove that uses sensors and a small computer to help golfers develop a lighter grip and hit the ball further.  Clubs around the world can rejoice as golfers will now learn to hold the clubs with the gentleness of a newborn baby.  Of course, the poor clubs will still be smashed into golf balls all day…I am definitely not wishing for reincarnation as a golf club.

Can The Sensoglove  Really Teach You The Right Way to Hold Your Club?

Ask golf pros the best way to improve your drives and they will tell you to relax your grip on the club.  It may sound counter intuitive, but the lighter your grip on the club, the further and more accurately you will hit the ball.  The Sensoglove claims…

“SensoGlove is the first and only golf glove with built-in sensors that constantly read the pressure of your grip. Practicing with SensoGlove will teach you the correct grip pressure for a smooth, consistent swing that delivers greater distance, enhanced precision and lower scores!”

Some big claims, so Dad Does decided to test out the Sensoglove to see if it lives up to the hype, here is the video review…

Does a Lighter Grip Really Improve Your Golf Swing?

As the video shows, the Sensoglove does a nice job of alerting you with audio and visual signals when you are gripping the golf club too tightly.  However, before we can review the effectiveness of the Sensoglove, we first need to address the premise of the glove – a tight grip on the golf club is bad for your golf game.

We are Dads, and experts on many things (like how to grill hot dogs while holding your daughter on your shoulders while singing Wiggles songs), but the correct golf grip is not one of our areas of strength.    It does appear from looking at the advice of golf pros that a lighter golf grip is the way to go.  Here is a graph that Sensoglove supplied –


Holding the club to tightly, in what is called a “death grip”, is a problem many amateurs face.  So, the premise of the Sensoglove, that if you learn to hold the golf club with a lighter grip you can improve your golf game, does seem very reasonable.

How Does the Sensoglove Teach You to Grip the Golf Club More Lightly?

As the video shows, the Sensoglove is a golf glove that has sensors built into the fingers and a small computer on the back side of the glove.   The Sensoglove is our favorite type of high tech product, one that uses a lot of technology but hides it all from the user.  To use the Sensoglove, put it on, select the sensitivity and then start playing golf.  If you grip the club too tightly while you swing you hear an immediate alarm and can then look at the small computer to see which fingers applied too much pressure on the club.

The Beeps, It is All About the Beeps

The Sensoglove is a piece of technology that you often forget you are wearing.  If you are swinging with the correct grip on the club, the Sensoglove is silent.  However, the moment you start gripping the club too tightly in your swing the Sensoglove beeps at you, letting you know you are using a death grip.  What is very helpful about the audio feedback is that you know exactly where in your swing you went to the strangle hold.

Without ever looking at the Sensoglove, you know your grip is too tight if you hear the beeps.  If you do hear a beep, once you finish your swing you can glance at the computer on the glove and see which fingers were pushing too hard on the club.  With this audio and visual feedback, you can learn about your grip and over time improve your grip.

Are You A 10?  Maybe a 16?  What…Only a 4?

The Sensoglove is easy to use, once you get past the initial grip sensitivity setting.  The Sensoglove let’s you pick the sensitivity of the glove on a scale of 1 (lowest sensitivity) to 18 (highest sensitivity).  Picking the correct sensitivity level was the most challenging part of using the Sensoglove.

Put the glove on a “1” and you can squeeze the club hard and not set off the alarms.   On the other end, put it at 18 and the glove is beeping at you on almost every swing.  By following the instructions and doing a little experimenting, we were able to find a sensitivity level that worked for our grip, but it does take some patience.  Our advice is to go to a drive ranging and setup the Sensoglove there before hitting the links.

Conclusion:  Sensoglove – You May Not Becomes A Pro Golfer, But It Can Make You a Better Golfer

The Sensoglove addresses a problem that many people have when playing golf – getting the correct grip on the golf club.   There is some advanced technology in the golf glove, but it is well hidden to the end user, so non-techies can still easily use the glove.  Simply put the golf glove on, pick your sensitivity and start playing.

We like the fact that the computer pops out of the glove, so if you wear through the Sensoglove, you can buy a replacement glove and just pop the computer in the new glove.  Overall, the Sensoglove feels well made and very useful for improving your grip.  Will wearing the Sensoglove make you a pro?  Absolutely…as long as you were a pro before you put the Sensoglove on!  Seriously, the Sensoglove can not turn a terrible golfer into a great one, but it can help turn a good golfer into a much better golfer.

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Learn More At the Sensoglove site . Price is about $89

Video Review of Sensoglove

FULL DISCLOSURE: We received the Sensoglove to review. We received no money for doing this review and receive nothing if you do decide to buy the Sensoglove. If your son uses the Sensoglove and becomes the next Tiger Woods, please get us tickets for the US Open. This is a real review, by a real Dad (and his kids)!

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