As The Temperature Rises, Our Need to Shoot Things Skyrockets

Temperature Rising

Temperature Rising

It was bound to happen.  These two worlds just had to collide.  For the past few weeks we have been working on our Ultimate Fun Outdoor Toys for Summer Guide and this involves a great deal of testing…outside.  That is world number one.  In world number two, the past few weeks have been incredibly, disgustingly hot!  Something had to give – would we stop reviewing outdoor products due to the high heat?  Or would we just take some outdoor blasters and start shooting the Dad Does logo like a crazy man?  I think we all know how this one played out…

Sorry, Dad Does Logo, But Someone Had to Be The Fall Guy for This Heat

Please watch the video below to see how we try to beat the heat by blasting the Dad Does logo…

Hmm, maybe there is no logical reason why shooting our logo would have cooled us off, but hey it was hot and we weren’t thinking straight!

Max Force Maximizer 60 and Z-Curve Bow, The Weapons of Choice

We had a number of great shooting toys to choose from, but for the above video we went with the Max Force Maximizer-60 and the Z-Curve Bow.  Earlier we reviewed the big brother to the Maximizer-60 – the Max Force Shadow Hawk-100.   We decided to try out the Maximizer-60 because it shoots quicker, and you need quick shooting when it is hot!

We did a full review on the AirHunterz Z-Curve Bow and we love it.  There is something very cooling about an arrow bouncing off your logo and making an indent in it.  The nice solid sound of a foam arrow smashing into paper was also pleasing to the ears!

Well, we have blown off some steam now – back to the outdoor toys!

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