Review: Kodak Pulse Digital Frame, Finally A Digital Photo Frame That Works!

Kodak Pulse Digital Frame

Kodak Pulse Digital Frame

For the last 10 years it feels like everyone has been taking pictures with digital cameras.  With so many digital photos stuck on our computers, it seemed a good bet a few years back that by 2011 we would all have digital photo frames in our living rooms, magically showing photos of our beautiful children.  There has been just one small problem – digital photo frames have been a design disaster!

The Kodak Pulse Digital Frame – A Digital Photo Frame That Doesn’t Suck???

I have been so disappointed with the design, function and operation of digital photo frames that I was actually a little gun shy as I opened the box to our review unit of the 10 Inch Kodak Pulse Digital Frame.  Sure, it sounded great – a 10″ touchscreen with LED backlighting, wirelessly receive photos from Facebook and even email photos directly to the frame.  Still, I had been burned too many times by digital photo frames – would it happen again?

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OMG – the Kodak Pulse Digital Frame is actually, finally, a fantastic digital photo frame!

Kodak Digital Photo Frame Should be Renamed the KISS Digital Frame

As we explain in the video, the Kodak Pulse Digital Frame is incredibly easy to setup and use.   No complicated drivers to install – you don’t even plug the frame into your computer!  The digital frame works with your wireless router to perform its magic.  A four step instruction manual…Kodak clearly subscribed to the Keep It Simple Stupid philosophy when designing this frame and it works fabulously.

The process of getting photos onto the frame is very easy.  You can send photos from your computer via WiFi over your wireless router, email photos directly to the frame (yes, you give the frame its very own email address)  or have the frame pull photos from you and your friends’ photo albums on Facebook (or Kodak Gallery).  If you want to go old school, you can plug a memory card or USB drive into the back of the frame and pull photos in directly from a memory card.

A Digital Photo Frame That Grandparents Will Actually Love

Here are two things I know -grandparents love seeing photos of their grand kids and grandparents tend to hate technology that involves complicated installation and operation.   For these reasons, the simple to setup and operate Kodak Pulse Digital Frame will be a hit with grandparents.

Grand kids can email photos directly to the Pulse Frame and the grandparents can simply see new photos of their precious grand kids appear on their photo frame.  In addition, grandparents can simply click one of the messages – like “adorable” – when they see a photo they love and that comment is automatically emailed back to the Mom or Dad who sent the photo (or posted as a comment on Facebook if the photo came from Facebook).  No emails to send, no attachments, no viruses, no spam filters – just people sharing photos.

The Kodak Digital Pulse Frame – The iPod of the Digital Photo Frame World

We could go on about the tech specs on this digital frame, but that misses the point of why this frame works so well.  Yes the Kodak Pulse frame has all the technology you need (visit the Kodak Pulse Frame site for tech specs) but it is the interface and execution that makes the frame stand above all other digital photo frames.

The Apple iPod was not the first portable digital audio player.  Before the iPod there were plenty of MP3 players that were popular with tech geeks, but too confusing for the masses.  The iPod made listening to digital music on a portable device so simple and fun that anyone could use it.  The Kodak Pulse Digital Frame is the iPod of the digital photo frame world.  The ease of setup, WiFi transfers, the touchscreen, automatically pull in photos from Facebook and the ability to send a comment back on a photo just by touching the screen – all make the Kodak Pulse Digital Frame feel like the first digital frame that non-tech people will love.

Still Room for Improvement with the Kodak Pulse Digital Frame

We clearly love the Kodak Pulse Digital Frame, but just as there have been many improvements to the first iPods, I am sure the Digital Pulse frame will evolve as well.  While the black frame is nice it is also a magnet for fingerprints.  It would be nice to have an adjustable stand for different viewing angles.  Adding a battery so that you could show off your photos even when no AC power was available would be great.

The touchscreen interface is good, but if you want to get into doing just a slide show of specific photos that came from different sources (perhaps some from Facebook and some from email) it gets confusing.  You can create playlists from the Kodak Pulse website, but trying to order things on the frame itself can be a challenge.

All of that being said, these are really minor issues and in truth most people will just leave the frame on a shelf and happily watch pictures magically appear on the frame.

Conclusion:  Kodak Pulse Digital Photo Frame

The Kodak Pulse Digital Photo Frame is that rare tech product that both techies and non-techies alike will love.  Techies will love the large 10 inch TFT active matrix touchscreen with LED backlighting and WiFi 802.11b/g/n compatibility.   Non techies will love seeing photos of friends and family appear on a photo frame, without any effort.

The Kodak Pulse Digital Frame is an example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.  Clearly there are some great “parts” to the Pulse Digital Frame.  The fact that the frame has its own email address and any friends or family can email photos right to the frame, and they just appear, is great.  Being able to pull photos directly from Facebook and even automatically fetch new photos as they are added on Facebook is also very cool.   Throw in WiFi and a touchscreen and you have impressive specs.  However, what lifts the Kodak Pulse digital frame from an impressive tech product to an impressive product is that all its “parts” work seamlessly together to create a whole product that is simple, easy and fun to use.

More Information:

Kodak Pulse Digital Frame. The 10 Inch Pulse Frame sells for about $160. A 7 Inch Pulse Frame is about $90.

You Can Also Purchase the Kodak Pulse Frames at Amazon.Com

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