Product Review: Himalayan Salt Lamp – The Penguin Will Cure You!

by nessel on July 21, 2011

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Look at that penguin in the photo above – how old do you think she is?  10 years, 20 years???  Try a few million years old!  Yep, that penguin is actually a Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp.  Himalayan salt is crystalline, unrefined salt that comes from the Primal Sea…the original sea of the Earth.

What in The World is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?

The fine folks at YourSaltLamps.Com contacted us and asked us to review one of their Himalayan Salt Lamp.  We said, “Um, sure, just one thing – what in the world is a Himalayan Salt Lamp?” They explained that Himalayan Salt Lamps are blocks of Himalayan salt with a small lamp inside it that naturally ionize and purify the air, reduce stress, limit allergies, decrease migraines and help you sleep better.  We weren’t sure if any of that was true, but the Penguin Salt Lamp sure looked cute, so we had them send a Himalayan Salt Lamp for us to review.

Here now, is the shocking video that proves the curing powers of the Himalayan Salt Lamp…watch at your own risk -

Okay, we had a little fun in the video, here is the real story…

What Is Himalayan Salt?

Located deep within the Himalayan Mountains (a mile or more below the surface of the Earth), the salt was created when the primal sea, the place where scientists believe all life originated, was dried up by the energy of the sun.  Then over the course of millions of years the salt was compressed by the pressure of the land masses that formed on top of it.

The unique nature of how Pure Himalayan Crystal Salt is formed means that it contains 84 different naturally occurring minerals and elements.  All of which might be very interesting to salt geeks (is there such a thing?) , but what does any of this mean for us normal Moms and Dads?

Himalayan Salt Lamps Claim to Get Your Air in Balance

As you are probably reading this article on a computer, we are responsible for producing a whole bunch of positive ions around you (electronic devices produce positive ions), which is a bad thing since we are throwing off the balance of positive and negative ions in the air.  Sorry.

Some research indicates that an imbalance of positive and negative ions can lead to stress, sleep disorders, migraine headaches and allergies.  Himalayan salt, when heated, produces negative ions – so the theory is that if you have a Himalayan Salt lamp in your home you can naturally ionize the air and bring things back into balance.  With the air back in balance, you can sleep better, decrease stress, reduce migraines and help relieve allergy symptoms.

Did Our Penguin Himalayan Salt Lamp Produce Real Health Benefits?

Himalayan Salt Crystal Lamp

Who knows?  In testing the unit we all felt fine, but we weren’t really overly stressed or sick before testing the salt lamp.  It really is beyond the scope of our expertise to analyze the science behind Himalayan Salt.  Take a look at the articles over at YourSaltLamps.Com and draw your own conclusions on the science.  You will see there are also plenty of other ways to get Himalayan salt into your life – candles, bath salts, edible salt, salt inhalers and salt tiles.

One Thing We Do Know – The Peguin Himalayan Salt Lamp Looks Great

Himalayan Salt Lamp from Primal Sea

We are not sure if the Penguin Himalayan Salt lamp is really making us healthier, but it is definitely making us happier!  The lamp really looks cute, has a terrific glow to it and you just smile when you look at it.  The kids loved having the Penguin Lamp in their room as a super cool night light.

In addition, the lamp feels very solid and has a nice wooden base.  As every block of Himalayan Salt looks different, the Penguin Lamp has a unique look to it – no two lamps will look exactly the same.  The lamp almost looks like a block of cloudy ice that never melts.

Conclusion:  Himalayan Salt Lamps

There are really two ways that parents can look at a Himalayan Salt Lamp.  The first way is to see the lamp as a piece of natural art.  On this level, the Penguin Salt Lamp was a huge hit.  The whole family found it very cool to have a penguin shaped lamp that was made from the sea where all life originated.  Just describing the Primal sea sparked an interesting conversation with the kids.  The lamp really does have a beautiful and soothing glow to it, so it is fantastic as an artistic natural lamp.

The second way to view the salt lamp is as a health aide.  Does the salt lamp really add negative ions to the air, reduce stress, help you sleep and decrease allergy problems?  You will need to read the science and draw your own conclusions.  We will continue to use the lamp and see in the fall if our allergy problems are better.

I will say, we are happy to have the Penguin Himalayan Salt Lamp in our house – looking natural, artistic and cool and  giving off her soft soothing glow.  If she is also giving off health benefits, well that is a huge bonus!

More Information:

Information on Himalayan Salt Lamps and Other Salt Products. The Penguin Salt Lamp sells for about $80

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FULL DISCLOSURE: We received the Penguin Himalayan Salt Lamp to review. We received no money for doing this review and receive nothing if you do decide to buy a salt lamp. If you get a Himalayan Salt Lamp and suddenly you start getting younger rather older, please remember to stop drinking when you drop below 21. This is a real review, by a real Dad (and his kids)!

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  • Mary Ann

    regardless of whether it’s a healing agent, it looks like a super cool light!  love the quirky humor of the video

    • Dan Dad Does

      Thanks.  We just couldn’t resist doing something fun for the video.  Clearly the Himalayan Salt Penguin was the best actor in the video!

  • Mogulman

    How about a review of those energy bracelets that athletes are wearing?

    • Dan Dad Does

      Thanks for the comments.  Yeah, those energy bracelets are very popular among athletes.  They are also expensive!  It seems hard to believe they work – it might all be in the athletes mind.  If a player believes he will perform better with the bracelet on, he probably will – due to his positive mental outlook.  So who knows, I guess even if the bracelets have no real powers – as long as athletes believe in them – they do work in a mind over matter way??

  • Diana

    I think the Himalayan Salt Lamp is a great idea now if it really works that would be something else. I do think it is a cute idea but, the proof remains to be heard. I do however believe that there are salts that can be used to bathe with eat and also use on our skin. I would love to try one of these as I have 2 grandkids that somtimes suffer from allergies and another one that uses an In-haler who is a little older but, this would serve well if it performs as it should.

    • Dan Dad Does

       Hi Diana,

      Thanks for the comments.  All very well said!  Yes, I will be interested come the fall time if it helps with our allergies.  I have heard great things from some other parents who use them – I will update as we have more results.

  • 1955nurse

    This is SOOO cool! I’ve been wanting to try a Salt lamp for a long time – but I’ve never seen one that is so cute!

    • Dan Dad Does


      Thanks for the comments.  Yes, you can debate the health benefits – but there is no debating the cuteness of this lamp!  It looks even better in person.

  • Noreen

    I want one :)

  • LifeSalts

    Himalayan salt lamps are great for a baby’s room – not only do they purify the air but they provide a soft night light :)

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  • raven

    any update on this thing?

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