Zyphoon Review: Outdoor Toy Puts a New Spin on Shooting Rings

Zyphoon by Zing Toys

Zyphoon by Zing Toys

If you are new to Dad Does let me fill you in on something… we like shooting things!  We have of course reviewed all the typical shooting toys – Nerf Blasters, Nerf Super Soaker Thunderstorm, Xploderz Blasters and Max Force Shadow Hawk Spitball guns.  Today we branch out into the world of flying shooting rings with the Zyphoon from Zing Toys.

Zyphoon Uses Z-Spin Technology…No, I Don’t Have Any Idea What That Means

The box says the Zyphoon uses Z-spin technology to launch soft nano rings over 55 feet.  Let me translate for you – the Zyphoon is a great way to peg your kids with something other than a Nerf dart.  With the nice summer weather upon us, we took the Zyphoon outside and tested it out…

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Zyphoon May Not Be The Most Accurate Gun, But it Is Fun

If you are looking for a gun to very accurately hit a target from a long distance away – the Zyphoon is not your gun.  On the other hand, the Zyphoon is great fun to play with.  You can shoot the rings to a friend and see if he can catch them.  You can even play a variation on football where you try to “hit” your receiver by firing a nano ring to her and she tries to catch it.  All by yourself?  Just fire the ring up in the air and try to catch it as it comes floating down.

Zyphoon Rings – Soft Enough To Not Destroy Your House

As the video shows, we played with the Zyphoon outside and it does make a great outdoor toy for summer (see our Fun Outdoor Toys for Summer 2011 Guide).  However, the rings are very soft and you can safely play with it inside as well.   Of course, unless you happen to have 55 foot long hallways in your house the little rings are going to be bouncing off the walls.

Conclusion:  Zyphoon Ring Blaster from Zing Toys

The Zyphoon Ring Blaster is one of those toys that Dads and Moms will find more impressive than the kids.  I am very impressed that Zing Toys made a blaster that can get the right spin on those tiny rings to have them fly over 55 feet with decent accuracy… for flying rings.

Kids are less impressed with the technology and more focused on end results.  The kids who used the Zyphoon had fun with it, but found it hard to accurately hit a sibling target.  In addition, you only get 4 rings so there is a lot of running around, picking up the rings and reloading.  The rings can also get bent out of shape.  Compare this to Nerf guns that hold a ton of darts and have more accuracy, for battles the kids still went with Nerf.

If you are looking to play some fun variations on catch and football, the Zyphoon is a great outdoor toy.  Sure, the kids could just throw a Frisbee around, but really, catching a ring fired off from a gun for a touchdown is much more fun!

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The Zyphoon from Zing Toys Sells for about $11

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