Watch Out Kroger There Is a New Supermarket In Town…McDonald’s!



When you think of large supermarket chains certain names come to mind.  You have Kroger, Safeway, Stop and Shop, Whole Foods and McDonald’s.  What – you think McDonalds is a restaurant???  That’s funny, you must not be from Russia – where McDonald’s has made it clear they are a supermarket and NOT a restaurant.

No, They Don’t Sell Toilet Paper in a Russian McDonald’s

You are probably thinking they have some different types of McDonald’s in Russia.  Maybe shelves filled with toilet paper, cans of soup and cereal boxes.  Nope, the McDonald’s in Russia are pretty much exactly like the the McDonald’s here in the USA.  The difference is that a new law in Russia taxes restaurants at 18% and supermarkets at 10%.  Guess what McDonald’s successfully argued to the tax man in Russia? Yep, McDonald’s is now considered a supermarket in Russia!

You Gotta Love McDonald’s, Not For Their Food But For Their Lawyers

If McDonald’s had Drive Thru legal advice, I would definitely do it.  They have some of the best lawyers around.  Earlier we reported how McDonald’s got a health insurance waiver in the USA and now they stop their taxes in Russia from almost doubling by turning into a supermarket overnight.   I am telling you, if McDonald’s offered up a McWill I would definitely order that – with their legal powers they would probably have the government paying me when I die.

For Parents – The Perfect Excuse Not To Go To McDonald’s

Here is a new way parents can torment their kids now.  When on a road trip tell the kids, “We need to eat, you kids can pick the restaurant we stop at.”  When the kids yell out McDonald’s just site the Russian case law and laugh hysterically as you point out McDonald’s is just a supermarket.  You can then pick a classy upscale place to stop, like Denny’s.

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