Review: iOpener Bottle Opener Case- Bottle Caps Be Afraid, Very Afraid

West 280 iOpener

West 280 iOpener

You hear that?  Listen carefully and you can hear bottle caps across the land screaming…”No, not the iOpener, please…”  Can you blame the bottle caps?  How would you like to have a 304 food grade stainless steel opener effortlessly twisting you in half?

The iOpener Bottle Opener Case – For People Who Like to Open Bottles

The iOpener by West 280 is an iPhone 3GS case (comes in black or white) that includes a retractable bottle opener.  The case is only 3/4″ thick and constructed from a proprietary Poly-Carbonate/ABS alloy with a 16 gauge, 304 food grade stainless steel opener that retracts into the case when not in use.  I am not sure what all those numbers mean, but the company reports the case can survive being beat with a hammer and the bottle opener will last for probably longer than your phone.

UPDATE: We have now reviewed the iOpener 4 for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. Click here to read the iOpener 4 review.

Hands On Video Review: The iOpener In Action

We recently received the iOpener at the Dad Does labs and decided to take it for a test spin.  And no, this obviously was not an excuse for us to open some beers and have some fun – we were working!

Take a Look At the iOpener In Action -

But Wait, Don’t Order Yet, There is More!

You not only get the iOpener case, you also get the free BevConX app.  Yes, you can install an app that automatically pops up every time you open a bottle with the iOpener.  You can enter what type of beer you just opened, geo-tag it and update your Facebook and Twitter feeds with what you are drinking.  You can also have the app play a song everytime you open a bottle.

Our Field Testing Confirms it, The iOpener Can Open Beers

Here at Dad Does we like to be very thorough when doing our hands on reviews.  The iOpener very easily opened our first beer, but we needed to make sure it was not just beginners luck.   We have now opened enough beers (the things we do for you) to confirm, the iOpener is excellent for opening beers (and I suppose other bottle cap drinks as well).

The iOpener does feel very well made.  It is made from 100% USA sourced parts and it feels very solid in your hand.  The stainless steel bottle opener does add some weight to the case (2 ounces) but on the upside the bottle opener works very well.  The patented retractable opener design allows you to get excellent leverage when opening a bottle.

Comparing the iOpener to the Be A HeadCase Bottle Opener

In January we reviewed the Be A HeadCase Bottle Opener case, which is also an iPhone case with a built in bottle opener.  As we show in the above video, the Be A Headcase model is not retractable and therefore the case is a little thicker than the iOpener.  In addition, the Be A Headcase model is much lighter than the iOpener.

From a use standpoint, we did find it easier to open bottles with the iOpener.  The fact that the bottle opener extends beyond the case allows you to get excellent leverage and pop the caps right off.   In addition, West 280 claims that the proprietary Poly-Carbonate/ABS alloy their iOpener is made from is incredibly strong.  They say you can take a hammer to the case and it will not break.  While we did not test this out, it did feel like the iOpener was a stronger case than the Be A Headcase case.

Conclusion:  The iOpener Bottle Opener Case from West 280

Our smart phones do a lot of cool things, but most of it takes place in the world of cyberspace.  The iOpener allows your smart phone to do something really smart in the real world – open a beer for you! We liked the solid feel and good leverage provided by the iOpener.  In addition, there is a really cool “Wow Moment” when you pull out your normal looking iPhone case, then slide the bottle opener out.  It does take some getting use to the extra weight it adds to your phone, but what is a little weight when it means you can get your beer opened faster?

More Information:

West 280 iOpener – sells for about $30

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FULL DISCLOSURE: We received the iOpener to review. We received no money for doing this review and receive nothing if you do decide to buy the iOpener. iOpen responsibly – never drive and iOpen.   This is a real review, by a real Dad (and his kids)!

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