Study: Kids Today Are Excelling, Beating Previous Generation…In Cursing. WTF???



Can we finally put an end to calling this generation of kids slackers and removed from real world interactions?  Sure as parents, we all complain our kids are on the computer too much, emailing or texting friends instead of talking in person – but a new study by Care.Com shows kids ages 2-12 have no problem communicating in person, especially with 4 letter words.

86% of Parents Say Kids (Ages 2-12)  Curse More Than When They Were Children

Care.Com conducted a survey of 700 parents from June 15th, 2011 to June 27th, 2011 and here are some of the top findings:

  • 86% of Parents Believe Kids (2-12) Curse More Than When They Were Children
  • 93% of Parents Have Made an Effort Not to Curse In Front Of Their Child
  • 80% of Parents Admit They Have Cursed In Front of Their Child
  • 77% of Parents Who Heard Their Kid Curse Explained it Was a “Bad Word”
  • 10% of Parents Who Heard Their Kid Curse…Laughed

The Dad Does Take On The Survey – We Need to Meet These 2 Year Old Potty Mouths

Doctors and therapists have some interpretations of what this study means – but that is all a little too heavy for our taste.  Here is what we take away from the study…

  • I Want to See YouTube Videos of the 2 Year Old Potty Mouths

The survey covered kids ages 2-12 – does this mean there are 2 year olds out there dropping the F bomb on their Dads?  This I want to see in a YouTube video.

  • I Want to Meet the 7% of Parents Who Proudly Curse Up a Storm in Front of Their Kids

Sure, 93% of parents make an effort not to curse in front of their kids – but what about the other 7%?  Do they just curse in front of their kids or do they also encourage their kids to curse along with them.  You know, like instead of the family from the 50’s all around the piano singing together, these families all sit around the kitchen table cursing each other out?

  • To the 10% of Parents Who Laughed – Tell Me It Was At Least Funny

I am not faulting the 10% of parents who laugh when their kids curse – cursing can be funny.  When Jon Stewart starts rattling off curses, it is funny.  However, if you kid is saying “F* you, you clean my sh*ty room up” and you are laughing it off, you might want to rethink your parenting philosophy.

  • Parents Really Love Their Curse Words

93% of us make an effort not to curse in front of our kids, but 80% of us have cursed in front of our kids.  Wow, we suck at controlling our cursing.

Tell Us What You Think… Or I Will Have My 2 Year Old Curse You Out

Drop us a comment and let us know what you think.  Are kids cursing more today?  What do you do if your kid is cursing?

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