Product Review: Max Force Shadow Hawk 100 – Spitballs Make a Comeback

Max Force Shadow Hawk 100

Max Force Shadow Hawk 100

When I was a kid, all I needed was a straw and any type of paper and I was in spitball heaven.  While I had decent range with my spit balls, I never could shoot one 100 feet and have it make a nasty loud splat sound when it hit its target.  If only I had the Max Force Shadow Hawk 100 by Jakks Pacific!

Max Force Shadow Hawk 100 Is One Serious Looking Gun

The Max Force is a new blaster type gun from Jakks Pacific that can fire tiny wet paper bullets 100 feet.  The very first thing we noticed in opening the Max Force Shadow Hawk 100 was its size.  The gun is over 3 feet long and looks like it could do some damage.  The next thing we noticed was the ammo – little paper pellets that you get wet – basically spitballs in the shape of tiny bullets.

In order to show you how the Max Force works, we took some shots at the lens of our camera – here are the results -

I fully expect to be recruited by special forces now – you have to admit, taking out the lens of a camera from 50 feet away…pretty cool!

The Max Force Shadow Hawk 100 Has Some Serious Power

One of the hardest things to show in the above video was the movement of the bullets, since they are moving so fast. However, as the shot to the camera lens showed, the bullets have some serious power and make an impact when they hit their target.   If fact, if you take one of these spitballs on exposed skin you are going to feel it.   In order to get this power, you need to pull back on the power piston and let go to fire (sorry no trigger firing).

Depending on Your Expectations, You Will Love or Hate the Max Force Shadow Hawk

If you get the Max Force Shadow Hawk with the plan to have quick battles with your friends, like you would with Nerf guns, you will be highly disappointed.  The Max Force is not a quick gun to operate.   First you need to load 8 bullets in the ammo clip, then you need to soak the clip in water for a few seconds, then you load the clip in the gun.  To fire you need to pull the bolt action lever and then the power piston.  Repeat the same steps to fire your second bullet.  Once you have taken 8 shots, you need to reload.  Clearly this is not a gun for fast head to head battles with friends.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a gun with excellent power and range to shot at targets, you will love the Max Force Shadow Hawk 100. We used the Max Force like a sniper rifle, take your time, line up the target and make every shot count.  The power and range of the gun really makes it fun to use.  In addition, the fact that the bullet leaves a splat on whatever it hits, means you tag your target and immediately know where your bullet hit.

We Have Good News and Bad News When It Comes to the Ammo

You want the good new first?  Unlike Nerf bullets, you don’t need to search all over for your bullets to reload.  In addition, the ammo flies far and fast!  The bad news is you are going to be spending some cash on ammo.  The gun comes with 120 rounds of ammo (one time use bullets), but once that is gone you are looking at spending about $11 to buy 300 more round of ammo.

Pros on the Max Force Shadow Hawk 100

  • Great Range
  • Good Accuracy
  • Ammo Hits With a Powerful Splat – Can Be Seen and Felt
  • Looks Great and has Multiple Configurations
  • Great For Kids Who Have Outgrown Nerf Blasters
  • Did We Mention – This Thing Has Some Power!

Cons on the Max Force Shadow Hawk 100:

  • Takes Some Time to Wet and Load Ammo
  • No Rapid Fire
  • Ammo Can Not be Reused, Gets Expensive
  • No Trigger
  • $50 price tag

Conclusion:  Max Force Shadow Hawk 100

The Max Force Shadow Hawk 100 and the Xploderz Blasters we reviewed previously, are filling the void for kids who have outgrown Nerf guns but not yet ready for Paintball guns (8-14 year old range).   If you get the Max Force thinking you can play with it like a Nerf Blaster, you will be disappointed at the time it takes to prep, load and fire the gun.  On the other hand, if you are looking for a gun with great range and power to take out some targets, the Max Force Shadow Hawk 100 is an absolute blast!

Now if you will excuse me, I need to sit by the phone and wait for Special Operations to call and recruit me.  Oh wait, maybe they don’t call – probably just smash through the window in glass resistant Ninja suites.  I better more away from the window…

More Information:

Purchase the Max Force Shadow Hawk 100 for $39.95 at Amazon.Com

Learn More At the Max Force Shadow Hawk site . Price is about $40 and recommended for kids ages 8-14.

Video Review of the Max Force Shadow Hawk

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