Review: Gazillion Bubble Football, The Football That Spits Bubbles

Gazillion Bubble Football

It is Summertime – a time for kids to play outside and have fun. Some kids love to throw a football around until the sun sets. Other kids love to blow bubbles and of course then pop them. But what do you do if your child wants to play football and blow bubbles? You get them the Gazillion Bubble Football.

What Do You Get When a Nerf Like Football and a Bottle of Bubbles Has a Baby?

The Gazillion Bubble Football of course! Dip the back of the football in bubble solution and then give it a toss and watch the bubbles fly from the football. We decided to give the Bubble Football a test run, please watch this short video to see our real world review of the Gazillion Bubble Football -

Bubble Football – Simple and For the Most Part, Clean Fun

As the video shows, playing with the Bubble Football is incredibly easy. Simply dip the back of the football in the Gazillion bubble solution and let it fly. Bubbles really do come shooting out and who doesn’t love bubbles?

The downside to the Gazillion Bubble Football is the same downside to any bubble related toy – spills and messes. The Bubble Football comes with two trays to hold the bubble solution, but as the kids are running all over to try to catch the football, the trays tend to get kicked over or stepped on. As this is an outdoor toy, the spills are not a huge problem, it is just a waste of your precious Gazillion bubble solution.

Conclusion: Gazillion Bubble Football

The Gazillion Bubble Football is not the best football you have ever thrown. In addition, it is not the best bubble wand you have ever seen. However, it is a football that shots out bubbles and that is something you have probably never seen and it is cool! If you have kids of varying ages, the Gazillion Bubble Football can be a great way to get all the kids to play together outside. The older kids will love playing football and the younger kids can watch and chase the bubbles.

The downside to the Gazillion Bubble Football is it requires some cleaning and maintenance. You are told to empty the trays after each use and wash everything in warm water. I don’t know about you, but our outdoor Summer toys tend to live outside until we find them when plowing out from the first snow storm of winter. So far we have not been taking great care of the Bubble football and it continues to work fine.

If you have kids who like bubbles or playing catch, the Gazillion Bubble Football is a great addition to your outdoor toy arsenal.

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Learn More At the Funrise Gazillion Bubble Football site . Price is about $15

FULL DISCLOSURE: We received the Gazillion Bubble Football to review. We received no money for doing this review and receive nothing if you do decide to buy the Bubble Football. This is a real review, by a real Dad (and his kids)!

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