The Natural Products Expo Recap…Buy Stock in Coconut Water

Expo End

Kids at Expo East

As many of our readers know, we spent that last few days down at the Natural Products Expo – looking for some interesting products to review here at Dad Does.  We did find some great products and over the next few weeks will be putting these products to the test and offering full reviews.  For those of you who asked for samples, expect to be getting a goody bag from us in the mail soon (see – we told you it pays to Join Dad Does)!

The Kids Keep it Interesting

After spending  Wednesday, Thursday and Friday with my head spinning trying to make sense of all the different ways that certain foods could either cure us or kill us, I was starting to enter Zombie mode.   Then my family came down on Saturday and the kids provided the perfect perspective for the show.

My kids quickly figured out the major trend of the show – Coconut Water! As we walked aisle to aisle, with the kids sampling  foods that I didn’t even know existed – they kept asking – “why is there so much coconut water?”  I of course was in too much of a natural food coma to notice at first, but then I realized they were right.  Coconut water was everywhere!   There was also coconut oil, coconut ice cream – the place was coco for coconuts!

2011 Will Not Be the Year of the Dad Blogger, It Will Be The Year of the Coconut Blogger

You heard it here first – forget mommy bloggers or daddy bloggers – they are sooo 2010.  The new, new thing in 2011 will be the Coconut Blogger – in fact we would not be surprised to see a 24 hour Coconut Channel.  We of course will be doing a rebranding and becoming Coconut DoesThe Place Where Coconuts Get Nutty.  Dads, you need to buy coconut stock, plant coconut trees, get a monkey to pick the coconuts out of your tree – this is happening!

What is the big deal with Coconut Water?  It gives you energy, fights disease,  you feel fantastic and you are like the Energizer Bunny when you drink it.  As my kids sample Coconut Water from all the vendors, I start to worry if they will ever sleep again in this decade, with all the coconut water  in their body.

Wait, What’s That? My Kids Are Passing Out?

I was talking with a vendor, trying to have him explain what that bizarre green thing was I just ate and then this happened –

Expo Tired

Yes, the kid crash was here!  Of course I would have expected them to be tired had they not consumed obscene amounts of coconut water – but come on, they had to be about 90% coconut water!  Where was the endless energy?

2011 The Year of the Sugar Blog

Thanks goodness sugar is a natural product and there was plenty of sugar to be had at the show.  Do you know what sugar does for you?  It gives you endless energy!  After a few samples from Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream – this is how the day ended –

Expo End

Yes, Sugar is the new new Coconut!  Look for our new site  – Sugar Does, coming 2011!

More Serious Info Coming Soon

Clearly it is late, I am tired and suffering from coconut water withdrawal.  Seriously, we did learn some really interesting things for Dads, Moms and Kids about diet, nutrition and health and will be writing more about this in the coming weeks.

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