Product Review: A Vacation!

Gone Fishing

Gone Fishing

Father’s Day has come and gone.  Summer has started.  We have some great reviews lined up for the summer, like a video review of the best way to soak your siblings!  But now, in this last week of June we need to recharge, re-energize…we need a vacation!

The Ultimate Family Gift – A Vacation!

So, for this last week of June we will be buying ourselves the ultimate family gift – a vacation.  We highly recommend all Dads and Moms bite the bullet, put work aside for a week or two, deal with the incredible stress of planning a vacation…then get away and have some fun.

See You The First Week of July

We will be back the first week of July with some really cool outdoor toy reviews, some new tech gadgets and who knows, maybe an article on how to take a family vacation and live to tell about!

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