Top Apps To Make A Parents’ Crazy Life A Little Less…Crazy

Top Apps For Parents

Top Apps For Parents

Mother’s Day has come and gone.  Father’s Day – stick a fork in it, it is done.  Our guess is that between the gift giving of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day there are some Moms and Dads out there who are proud new owners of smartphones and tablets.

Got a shinny new iPad 2?  I’m jealous.  Maybe you went small and did the iPhone 4 – excellent choice.  What’s that?  Not an Apple fan?  Then the super cool Motorola Atrix or other Android smart phones are very nice.  Whatever phone or tablet you got, it is just missing one thing out of the box… really cool apps for parents!

Finding The Top Apps for Parents

We came up with the idea that we would test out some of the top apps for parents and report to you our findings.   In doing our research for this roundup guess what we found?  A great article on the top apps for parents! So, rather than reinvent the wheel we decided we would just point you to the wheel…

Proof That Good Things Do Come From Way Up North

Oh Canada – the land of maple syrup, over the top hockey fans and Today’s Parent Magazine.   Looks like our friends up  North beat us to the punch with a nice roundup of the 21 Top Apps For Parents.

They have done a nice job of providing a good mix of apps – for iphone and android – that promise to make a parents life a little easier or more fun.   They have apps for checking the weather, grocery shopping, making crafts and much more.

We Will Throw Our Hat Into the Best Apps For Parents Arena

We like to test everything we recommend, so we still plan on creating  our own guide to the best apps for parents.  We also tend to like the wacky, fun and strange, so look for our list to be a little different.

For now, if you are a Dad or Mom, and the proud owner of a new smartphone or tablet – take a look at the Today’s Parent list of 21 apps for parents – just make sure to pronounce “about” like a Canadian when you read the list!

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