4,000 People March On Pampers HQ – Demand A Barbecue For Dads – Pampers Complies

Pampers 50th Birthday

Pampers Father's Day Cook-Out

In case you missed it on your local news – let me explain what happened. 4,000 plus people, complete with pitch forks, torches and dirty diapers marched to the Pampers Headquarters.  The mob chained themselves to the front door, and refused to leave until Pampers agreed to do a First Father’s Day Cook-Out for new Dads. Pampers executives, fearing that the angry mob would use those dirty diapers, had no choice but to comply and threw a number of terrific Cook-Outs for Dads and their kids. I was there, as a double agent, pretending to be on Pampers side, but really I was with the Dads and now I am ready to tell all!

This Just In: A Few Minor Corrections To The Above Account of Events

That stuff above was just from memory, but since I am a sleep deprived Dad, my memory is not always completely accurate.  It is for this reason that I make sure to take notes when covering an event for DadDoes.Com – let me just grab those notes.  Hmm, as I review my notes on what really happened it looks like I have a few small corrections to make.

Pampers 50th BirthdayPampers actually created a very cool app on their Facebook page – Little Miracles.  To honor fathers for all that they do for their little miracles, Pampers asked consumers to log on to their Facebook page to pledge various acts of kindness for dads as part of a “Father’s Day Mission“.  Pampers stated that if 4,000 people pledged to help Dads out, they would  throw “First Father’s Day Cook-Out” celebrations across the country for new and expecting fathers, providing them with the recognition that they deserve.

Well over 4,000 people made the pledge, and true to their word, Pampers put on some great Father’s Day Cook-Out celebrations (I attended the one in NYC).  I think that just about clears up any necessary corrections from my first account of events… but it still doesn’t explain the guy I saw with a pitch fork and torch at the cook-out???  Oh, and that thing about me being a double agent…totally true.

Pampers Shows That Not All Big Brands Are Evil

I am a New Yorker, I am cynical, I don’t even trust myself not to try to scam me.  When I was invited to the Pampers Cook-Out in NYC I was a little hesitant.  I was told celebrities would be there and I just figured it would be one big pressure cooked living ad for Pampers.  Another example of a big brand just throwing a glitzy party for themselves.  Then they told me there would be cornbread, so I decided to go.

The event was, much to my surprise, relatively low key and very enjoyable! Yes, there were celebrities there – here are some –

Pampers Cook-Out

The nice thing was the celebs were new parents and there with their kids.   I am not a huge celebrity guy, but I do love my Jets – here I am with the new starting running back of the NY Jets, Shonn Greene –

Pamper Little Miracle Mission Program Cook-Out

He was super cool and I could definitely beat in a 100m dash…if he gave me a 99m head start, but I digress.  What was really cool about the event was the focus on the kids.  The event wasn’t about celebrities or Pampers,it was really about kids, family and Dads.  They had a number of fun activities for the kids to do, a nice relaxed family feel – which is exactly what Dads love.   That and cornbread.

The Event Was Fun, But the Little Miracle Missions Program Is The Best Part

In celebration of Pampers 50th birthday, they are doing a year-long Little Miracle Missions program, which seeks to celebrate, support and protect babies everywhere through acts of kindness to little miracles (babies) and their families, while encouraging parents to “pay it forward” and support others.

The way the program works is that Pampers post a Mission on their facebook page.   They will be doing various family oriented missions all year.  The current Mission asks for people to pledge their support for families in the US who have been victims of recent natural disasters.  For every person who just clicks the “pledge” button Pampers donates money, diapers and wipes to a disaster relief agency.

Of course, Pampers could just donate the money and goods without people pledging – but I like the pledge concept.  It cost us nothing to click pledge, but it gets us thinking of families in need.  With these thoughts in our mind, maybe we do some volunteer work or try to help in other ways.  In effect, by making us pledge, Pampers is not letting us forget that there are plenty of families that could use our help.   In addition, there is something empowering about clicking a button and making a huge company do good!

Pampers Gets Exposure, Families Get Help – Seems Like a Fair Deal

Pampers is a big brand and they could easily blow their whole budget for the Little Miracle Mission program on a few TV ads.  So, it is nice to see them use some of that advertising money to help families out.  Are they getting exposure from sites like us covering the Little Miracle Mission program? Sure, but it seems like a fair deal if they help some families out and get people to pledge to do acts of kindness.  Oh, and did we mention they also gave us cornbread.

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