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Xploderz Blasters

Xploderz 2000

Summer has arrived!  The sun is shinning, birds are singing and it is the perfect time for kids to get outside and shoot each other!  No you sickos – not with real guns, with Xploderz Blaster Guns of course.  The Xploderz are a new line of guns from the Maya Group that shoot small gel balls (called H2Grow Ammo)  from 50 to 85 feet.

Xploderz Blasters:  Filling the Void Between Nerf and Paintball

Parents might not like to hear this, but kids just like to shoot things.   It usually starts with water guns, then quickly moves to the extensive line of Nerf blasters.   At some point – usually when they are around 8-10 years olds, Nerf guns just don’t have enough power or range for them.  This is where Xploderz blasters come in.

Let’s Take a Look At The Xploderz In Action in Our Hands on Review -

Exploring the Xploderz Blaster Line

As you can see in the video, there are a number of different Xploderz Blasters.  We tested out the Xblaster 200 – a nice little gun with a 50 foot range (comes with 200 rounds of ammo).  For kids who want to pick off their friends who are 75 feet away, we have the XStormer 1000 (comes with 1000 rounds of ammo).  Finally, for the future SWAT members there is the XRanger 2000 with a 85 foot range, shoulder stock, flip up sight, and foldable bipod.

While there are three different models of the Xploderz blasters, they all work in the same basic manner.  You have an ammo clip that can hold 75 gel balls at a time.  You click the load lever and then pull back on the plunger to fire the gel ball.  To fire again, you repeat this same process – click the load lever and pull back on the plunger to fire.

How Does the Xploderz Work in Real World Action

Xploderz Blasters

First the good news – the Xploderz do have any excellent range and it is great fun shooting at a person or target 80 feet away.   The gel balls do not hurt when they hit you and they basically dissolve over time.  So, if you play outside (which is the only place you should use the Xploderz), no cleanup is necessary.   The fact that you can hold 75 rounds of ammo means you can have a nice long battle before anyone needs to reload.

The downside to the Xploderz is aiming and consistency.   You do not pull a trigger, you pull back on a plunger and release to fire.   All this movement to fire the gun can make aiming a bit of a challenge.  The XRanger 2000, with its shoulder stock, is the easiest to aim and in our opinion the most fun.

The real frustration comes from the lack of consistency when firing.  Sometimes you click the load lever but a gel ball does not drop in.  Other times multiple balls fall in.  Sometimes the balls don’t fire or they break apart and little pieces of gel go flying out.    This really is not a major problem, most of the time the Xploderz work fine, but if you have kids who are expecting the guns to work 100% of the time, they may get frustrated with the occasional misfires.

The H2Grow Ammo Technology is Incredibly Clever and Cool

One of our favorite things about the Xploderz is the H2Grow Ammo system.   As we show in the video, you dump a tiny little packets of what looks like seeds into water and 4 hours later you have 500 rounds of ammo balls.  This means if you are traveling you can easily carry thousands of rounds of ammo in your pocket and just grow it when you reach your destination.  Just remember, it takes 4 hours for the ammo to grow.

Safety Features That Parents Will Appreciate

The Xploderz guns are built with safety features so that only the H2Grow Ammo can be used in the gun.   I am sure a very determined teenager could figure out a way to modify the gun, but without modification, you can’t put a pebble or other dangerous object in the Xploderz.

Conclusion:  Xploderz Blaster Guns

For kids who have grown out of Nerf guns but are not ready for paintball, the Xploderz are a good choice.  It can take some practice to get the process of loading, pulling and aiming down – but once you get firing with some friends, it is a blast.   As discussed above the Xploderz guns have some negatives, but if you have a 8-15 year old who likes to shoot things, there is a good chance Xploderz will soon be a new word in your son’s vocabulary!

More Information:

Xploderz Blasters from The Maya Group (ages 8-15) Price:  Range from $15 – $40

Purchase the Xploderz Blasters from Amazon.Com

Xploderz XRanger 2000 Get 4 D’s (scale of 1 to 5) -

4 D Rating - Well Done

Xploderz XStormer 1000 and XBlaster 200 Guns Gets 3 D’s (scale of 1 to 5) -

3 D Rating - Decent

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