Hey Red Envelope – Today is Father’s Day, Not Tomorrow!

Red Envelope

Red Envelope

It is June 19th, 2011 – Father’s Day, so I should be happy, but this day is not starting right.   Notice anything wrong with that image above? Come on Red Envelope, show us Dads a little love and at least get the date right for Father’s Day.   You say “Don’t Forget Dad” but if we go by your calendar, we will all forget Dad on Father’s Day and give him his gift on Monday???

Regadless of What RedEnvelope Says, Today is Father’s Day, So Happy Father’s Day!

It is Father’s Day, a day to be spent with the family – not writing articles.  So, we will keep this short and just wish everyone a very Happy Father’s Day.  From everyone here at DadDoes.Com, we hope every Dad out there has a special day.  Oh, and you better start getting for Independence Day, which I am sure RedEnvelope.com will tell us is July 5th :)

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