Expo East Day 1 – Tired Feet, Spinning Head and A Cure For Cancer

Expo East

Expo East

As many of you know, we are spending this week down at the Natural Products Expo in Boston.  The expo features hundreds of natural, organic, and healthy lifestyle products from passionate manufacturers.  After spending the first day walking the expo floor we are left with one simple question…

Is The Cure For All Our Ailments Really In Our Food Supply?

Everyone here makes very compelling arguments on the health benefits of eating organic.    The idea of eating wholesome raw foods to better your health is a theme that runs through every aspect of this show.   We have seen books and attended seminars on how diet and health are directly connected.

Here is one book we picked up –

Expo East Views

Okay, before you get all cynical and assume this Dr. Nair is some sort of quack pushing snake oil, here is a quick bio –

After receiving her medical degree in Singapore, Dr. Nair received a master’s in epidemiology at Columbia University, and completed her post-doctoral fellowship at Harvard Medical School.  Dr Nair went on to teach at Columbia University’s School of Public Health and her research has appeared in numerous peer-reviewed journals.

Not your typical bio of a snake oil salesmen.  We talked with Dr. Nair at the show and she seemed very honest, passionate and knowledgeable.

So, What is The Secret Cure to All Disease?

Simple – eat healthy foods that are naturally anti-inflammatory!  There you go Dads – I just cured all your diseases, you can thank me later! Seriously, this is not a review of the book, we have not read it all yet.  We also have not read the 500 pounds of other literature we received on Day 1, but what we are struck with is the passionate belief that many people have here in how much of our diseases can be directly effected by our diet choices.

Back to the Show Floor to Search For the Cure for War

We need to run, back to the show floor for more information, seminars and samples.   Yesterday, we found the cure for diseases, today we will look for the key to peace in the Middle East…

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