Promax LS Bars Prove High Protein Does NOT Equal High Nastiness!

PromaxLS Energy Bars

PromaxLS Energy Bars

As parents, we tend to do some strange things.  When it comes to our kids, we are very concerned about what they eat and when we travel we try to fill our bags with healthy, all natural, low sugar snacks for the kids.  Then at some point we realize we need to eat as well and we grab whatever morsels of food we can find lying at the bottom of the bag.

Promax Bars Look To Give Us Big People a Healthy Snack

We were recently contacted by Promax Nutrition to try out their new high protein, high fiber  Promax LS Energy Bar (see our full disclosure below).  At first we were hesitant, in our experience “high protein, high fiber energy bar” is just a euphemism for “highly process chemical mass that taste like cardboard dipped in concrete“.

Promax then sent us the nutritional information on the PromaxLS Energy bars and we saw some signs of hope.  First off, the bars are all natural – this right away caught our eye.  Since we keep trying to find all natural snacks for the kids, maybe we should try it as well.  The other key numbers – 18 grams of protein, 14 grams of fiber and only 9 grams of sugar – also looked good, so we decided to give them a try.

Alert the Media:  Promax LS Bars Do NOT Taste Like Cardboard

Pigs fly and Promax LS bars don’t taste like cardboard! The Peanut Butter Chocolate was my favorite and it actually had a decent taste.   If you have never had a high protein bar before, you should know that they are normally very dry, hard to swallow and have a nasty aftertaste.  Does the Promax LS bar taste as good as a Snickers bar?  No – but it really has a pleasant taste, is easy to swallow and has no nasty aftertaste.  Pretty impressive for something that is all natural, and packed with protein and fiber.

Promax LS Bars Pass The Key Test… The Toilet Test

Most protein bars, especially if they are low in sugar, are filled with a sugar alcohol called maltitol.  The upside to Maltitol is that it adds sweetness without adding sugar.  The problem is it is also adds something else… a laxative effect!  I have tried my share of low sugar, maltitol rich snacks and let’s just put it this way, you would not want to eat them if a toilet was more than 50 feet away.

Promax LS bars are made with Stevia.  Stevia is a plant, so it is natural, and it has a very sweet taste (Stevia leaves are 45x as sweet as sugar with 0 calories).  The big news is that Stevia has no laxative effect, so Promax LS bars can be eaten on the go, even if a toilet is nowhere in site.

PromaxLS Bars Are Impressive For What They Have and Do Not Have

Here Are The Things in the ProMax LS Bars That I Like:

  • 18 grams of Protein
  • 14 grams of Fiber
  • All Natural
  • Decent Taste
  • 18 Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants
  • Kosher

Here are the Things NOT in Promax LS Bars (and that’s a good thing):

  • No Maltitol
  • No High Fructose Corn Syrup
  • No Artificial Flavors, Colors or Sweetners
  • Not Filled with Sugar (only 9 grams)
  • No Gluten – Gluten Free
  • No Animal Products – Vegetarian Friendly
  • No Trans Fats

Promax Wants To Know What You Are Doing

Sorry that heading sounds like a bad pickup line from a stalker…let us explain.  First, major kudos to Promax for actually using the terms “mom-ing” and “dad-ing” on their package.  Promax knows that Moms and Dads are doers.  We do everything – chase the kids, play, exercise, work, shop, blog, etc.   Promax LS bars are not just for athletes, they are for on the go parents who do a little bit of everything.

Now Promax wants to hear what type of DOer you are and give you a chance to go on an all expense paid adventure trip to Hawaii for 6 days! Yep, Promax is looking for “The Next DOer” to feature in their 2012 Ad campaign.  To enter the contest go to and you can build your own ad on “THE NEXT DOer” tab.  Submissions must be in by 6/30/11.  It would be great to see a Dad or Mom win this contest!

Conclusion:  Promax LS Energy Bars

There is a lot to like about the Promax LS Energy Bars.  We love the fact that they are all natural, high in protein, low in sugar and free of the toilet magnet – maltitol!  While you will not confuse the taste of the bars with a candy bar, they have a pleasant taste with no strong aftertaste.    Throw a couple of Promax LS Energy Bars into the diaper bag and you might actually have the energy to go for that run…or at least survive the next toddler tantraum.

More Information:

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Learn about “The Next DOer” Contest on FaceBook (Submissions must be in by 6/30/11)

FULL DISCLOSURE: We received the Promax LS Energy Bars to review. In addition, we received a payment to write an honest review of the Promax LS bars. That being said, we do not write about anything we do not believe in and Promax Nutrition did not edit our article or direct our content in any way.  Think we are sell outs? Yell at us in the comments below, we can take it – the Promax bars have given us enough energy to accept criticism :)

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