Not Spending $106.49 on a Father’s Day Gift? You Must Not Love Your Dad!

Father's Day Money Spent

Father's Day Money Spent

Wait, don’t kill the messenger!  We are just reading the numbers and calling it like we see it.  The National Retail Foundation did a survey this year to find out what people will be spending on Dad for Father’s Day 2011.   The Washington-based association says Americans will spend an average of $106.49 on Father’s Day gifts this year, up from $94.32 in 2010, and the highest in the eight years the survey has been conducted.

Nothing Tells Dad He is Average Like a $106.49 Father’s Day Gift

We do not claim to be statistics experts here at Dad Does, but if $106.49 is just the average, laws of mathematics dictate that you need to spend much more to tell Dad how awesome he is.  Really, who wants to be average?  If you want to show Dad he is well above an average Dad, then you need to spend until it hurts.    I am thinking $200 of goodies for me your Dad would really show some serious, above average, love!

Spending Less Than $106.49 on Dad?  What Did Dad Every Do to Deserve Such Hatred?

If you really think Dad is not worth even an average gift, why don’t you just give Dad a nice homemade. “You Are The Worst Dad” card.  Get it over with, give it to Dad nice and early in the morning so he can have the whole day to try to recover.

Wait – Before You Send Us Hate Email – We Are Kidding!

The number of $106.49 is real, but it does seem pretty insane that we will spend over $11 Billion on Father’s Day gifts this year.  In our Father’s Day Gift Guide for 2011, More Father’s Day Gift Ideas and Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas we have some great and fun gifts starting at about $5!  Clearly, buying Dad a gift he will love is much more important than spending a lot of money.

The Best Father’s Day Gift is Always Free

A hug, a kiss, a handmade card, a smile, a laugh and that special look – are all the most awesome gifts that a Dad could ever receive.    This Father’s Day we wish every Dad out there a happy, healthy and fun filled day – Dads, you deserve it!

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