Top 5 Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2011 (2012 Updated!)

Father's Day Last Minute Gift Ideas

Father's Day Last Minute Gift Ideas

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As our regular readers know, we are on a mission to make this Father’s Day, the greatest Father’s Day in all of 2011 (we like to dream big).  We started with our Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide 2011, and when the wacky and fun gift ideas outgrew a single article we created our More Father’s Day Gift Ideas for 2011.    Never ones to rest on our laurels we even did a giant Father’s Day Giveaway where we gave away over $820 in great Dad’s Day gifts!

Still, Somehow You Have Not Done Your Father’s Day Shopping Yet

Don’t feel bad, we are master procrastinators.  We are shocked we actually did a Father’s Day Gift guide before July 4th!  Okay, time to get serious about finding the right gift for this Father’s Day, so here is our last minute Father’s Day shopping guide…

Dad Does Top 5 Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

1. Buy The Gifts In Our Guide, Better Late Than Sucky

All too often, time grows short and people end up buying something they can grab at the mall, like the dreaded tie! Just don’t do!  Dads would prefer a fun, entertaining gift that arrives a few days late over a boring gift that you can get in time for Father’s Day.

Our advice is to order one of the gifts in our Father’s Day Gift Guide (Part 2 of the Guide can be found here) and then print a picture of the gift off the website.  Give Dad the photo of the gift on Father’s Day and explain the actual gift will arrive a few dates late.  We guarantee that Dad will happily wait for a gift he really wants.

2. Give The Gift That Keeps on Giving, The [Fill in The Blank] of the Month Club

Does Dad like Beer?  Get him a Beer of the Month Club.  Dad more into Bacon – give him a Bacon of the month club.  Yes, yes there is a bacon of the month club!  Not into Beer or Bacon – what about Boxers with the Boxer of the month club.  That is 3 monthly clubs, and we are just on the B’s.

Too hard to pick just one?  How about a Gift of the Month Club?  Yes, you can pick from over 30 monthly clubs and mix and match to make your own monthly club for Dad.  Maybe cake one month and lobster the next.   These clubs make great last minute gifts because you can order right up until June 19th and then just print the form saying the monthly club will start in July.

3. When Time is Short, Go For Electronic Delivery

You know what moves fast – electrons.  If you want to get Dad a gift but don’t have time to have a physical product shipped, go for electronic delivery.  You can get books, music, videos, video games, photos, software and iPhone and Android apps delivered electronically.

If Dad considers himself a bit of an artist and he has an iPad take a look at Artrage for iPad.  We have a full review of Artrage here – it really is a great little program, inexpensive and can be delivered to his iPad in about 3 minutes!

4. Get Dad A Deal for Father’s Day

Go over to Groupon or any of the other social deal sites and pick up a deal for Dad.  The problem with using Groupon on a daily basis is you end up buying a bunch of stuff you never needed, because it was such a great deal.  However, using Groupon to pick a great meal or massage for Dad makes a lot of sense!

5. Walk into a Store And Buy Dad a Gift He Will Love

I know this is crazy talk – actually go to a physical store and shop for a gift?  Sorry, but desperate times call for desperate measures.  Try to figure out what Dad loves doing and then find a store that caters to that hobby.  Just promise us one thing – you will not buy Dad a tie!

Of course, even if you can not find the right gift for Dad, there is always one last minute gift idea that is guaranteed to make Dad smile.  Give Dad a kiss, a hug and tell him that you love him – that may be the best gift of all.

Good luck in your shopping and may this June 19th, 2011 be the very best Father’s Day for Dad’s everywhere.

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