Dads to Grads – Father’s Day is Our Day, Get Your Own Holiday!

Sony Grads

Sunday, June 19th, 2011 is Father’s Day.  That is a fact, Jack!  Are some kids graduating on June 19th?  I don’t know – they really shouldn’t be, as all the Dad’s will be home opening gifts and celebrating the high holy day of fatherhood – Father’s Day.

So, I ask the ad agencies of the world, why do you keep grouping Dads and Grad together in your ads?

dads and grads

Abe’s of Maine how could you??? Us Dads need a day of our own.  You might be saying, sure what can you expect from a camera store called of Abe’s of  Maine, that was know for actually being in Brooklyn, but recently moved to New Jersey.  But Abe’s is not alone in this devilish plan to combine graduation day and Father’s Day.

This one is like a knife through the heart –


CNET – we love you, but why would you wrong us like this?  First off, you are a website, would it really be that hard to create two graphics and two buyers guides?  But the real dagger here is the graphic – a tie for Dad? No, say it ain’t so.  We have declared war on boring Father’s Day Gifts.  We speak for every Dad when we say “We Are Tired of Ties and We Are Not Going to Take it Anymore”  We spent months finding fun and wacky gifts for our Father’s Day Gift Guide (and part 2 of the Gift Guide) and then you slap a tie in your image?  What is that for a grad – a tattoo with the word college?  And yet you think Dads and Grads want the same things?

Sony GradsSony, don’t think we didn’t see your little Dads and Grads ad.  You can make it super small, try to undersell it, but it still hurts just as much.  Did you really think we wouldn’t notice that you too had just thrown the Dads and Grads together into one heap.

Hey Hallmark, you must have some lobbyist in Washington – lobby for a Graduation Day Holiday.  Put it whenever you want – JUST NOT ON FATHER’S DAY.   I mean really, does anyone else get their holiday doubled up with something else?

Why Don’t I See Any Moms and Memorial Sales?

Mother’s Day is in May and so is Memorial Day – yet I don’t see any Moms and Memorial Day ads.  Don’t get me wrong, Moms are fantastic, and of course all who have served our Country deserved to be honored everyday – you just don’t see advertisers lumping Mother’s Day Sales and Memorial Day sales together in the same ad.

Grads, Congratulations, Now Please Step off Our Holiday

Grads – job well done – you have graduated from somewhere.  Enjoy, do the things that young people do.   Now,  please let us Dads enjoy our Father’s Day.    Maybe I should just look on the bright side, I have not seen any “Dads, Grads and Flag Day Lovers – Save Big on the Gifts You Always Wanted” ads…yet.

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