Review: Standeazy Phone Stand, Because Your Smartphone Deserves a Smart Stand

Standeazy the smartphone stand

Standeazy the smartphone stand

Life is complicated, the accessories for your smartphone should not be!  This is why we love the new Standeazy Smartphone Stand.   The Standeazy is the size and thickness of a credit card, but do a little folding and you suddenly have a stand that can hold your phone in landscape or portrait mode.

Here is a video of the Standeazy In Action -

Is that simplicity at its bests or what?

For Parents, Standeazy Could be Called Distracteazy

After watching the above video, any Mom or Dad should see the real potential for the Standeazy.  If you are in a restaurant, on a plane, train – or basically anywhere that the kids might get bored, you can pop up the Standeazy and let the kids watch something on your iPhone (or any other smartphone).

If you have multiple kids, the Standeazy ends the whole “why does he get to hold the iPhone,  I can’t see it”  arguments.  Just put the Standeazy on the table in between the kids and let the power of video distraction bring a few moments of peace to your world.

The Standeazy Makes a Great Traveling Companion

If you travel a good deal, the Standeazy is a cool device to have in your wallet.  Use it on the plane to watch a movie and then put it on the nightstand at the hotel to have an alarm clock or show photos of the kids.  They make a number of different designs, so you can pick the Standeazy that best fits your mood.

Conclusion:  Standeazy Smartphone Stand

The Standeazy is simple, compact, affordable and clever – all winning traits in our book! Yes, there are plans online to make your own phone stands using things like cardboard or paper clips, so there are free options for DIY types.  For us, the fact that the Standeazy costs only about $6.50, is made from Priplak Polypropylene (so it is sturdy), can hold the phone in portrait or landscape mode and can hold a smartphone in its case – make it well worth the price.

In addition, if you happen to like things made in the United Kingdom, then the Standeazy, a product made completely in the UK, is your new friend.

StandEazy Get 4 D’s (scale of 1 to 5) -

4 D Rating - Well Done

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More Information:

Learn More At the Standeazy Website. Eight designs, range in price from about $6.50 – $8.50.

FULL DISCLOSURE: We received the Standeazy to review. We received no money for doing this review and receive nothing if you do decide to buy the Standeazy. Just a warning, while the Standeazy is the size of a credit card, it does not allow you to buy things like a credit card – hand it to your waiter, and they will just stare at you. This is a real review, by a real Dad (and his kids)!

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