Kidz Gear Headphones – Great For Kids, Even Better for Parents

Kidz Gear Headphones

Kidz Gear Headphones

We are on a new kick here at Dad Does – we believe things you put on your head, should fit your head!  We recently reviewed the Fatheadz sunglasses – sunglasses for people with big heads.  Today we go in the other direction and review Kidz Gear Headphones for Kids – headphones made to fit a kid’s head.

Wired or Wireless, Kidz Gear Has You Covered

Do you have one of those cool in car DVD systems that uses an IR (infrared) remote system?  If so, you can get the Kidz Gear Wireless headphones.  Not lucky enough to have an in-car keep the kids quiet DVD system?  You can go with the Kidz Gear wired headphones.

Let’s take a look at the Kidz Gear Headphone Line -

We get it, it is a little weird to do a video review of headphones – when what you really want to know is how they sound.   However, the video does give us a chance to show the size of the headphones and some of the features.

Grown Up Performance, Built For Kids

While I wish I could say we came up with that heading, it is actually the tag line for Kidz Gear.  In our testing it actually turned out to be a true tag line!  The headphones are built for small heads, with lots of padding – but the sound quality is very good.  These are not toy headphones, they are simply good quality headphones made for smaller heads.

Wireless Kidz Gear Headphones – A Blessing for Parents

Having a DVD system built into you car to keep the kids occupied on long trips = good!  Having to listen to the same kids movies over and over on long trips = maddening!  If you have a car with an IR (infrared) based DVD system, your kids will love the comfort, quality and simplicity of the wireless Kidz Gear headphones.

Moms and Dads will love the fact that they can have a conversation again without screaming over Shrek.  It is also a nice touch to have volume controls directly on the headphones and auto power off and auto mute built in.  But really, the best part is just not hearing Shrek again!

IR Transmitter Allows Your Wireless Headphones to Break Free of the Car

After your kids get used to the comfort of the Kidz Gear wireless headphones in the car, they may want to use them at home.   To do this you need to get the Kidz Gear IR Transmitter (cost $15).  With the IR Transmitter you simply plug in the audio out of your TV, VCR, DVD, game system, DVR, stereo – basically anything with an audio out or headphone jack – and the audio is transmitted to the headphones.

The IR transmitter worked well in our tests, with good sound quality.  The one thing that kids need to remember is that the headphones can only pick up the signal if they have a line of sight to the IR transmitter.   This means when they run to the bathroom, they will not continue to hear the witty banter of Dora and Boots.

Don’t Mind Wires? Try the Kidz Gear Wired Headphones

If you like the idea of headphones made to fit kid’s heads, but don’t want to deal with the whole IR transmitter, you can get the wired Kidz Gear headphones.  As we show in the video, the headphones look and feel like the wireless model, except they have a wire.  We did like the volume control on the wire and also the volume limiter adapter for younger kids.

Conclusion:  Kidz Gear Headphones

The Kidz Gear headphones were a hit with the kids. For the kids, the comfort of the headphones was a big plus and they loved having control over the volume.   The wireless headphones are popular with kids because, well, they are wireless and kids love all their gadgets without wires.

For us Moms and Dads, the Kidz Gear headphones are great because they have a limited lifetime warranty, come with a volume limiter and fit comfortably on our kid’s head.    In addition, anything that stops parents from having to hear those kids songs over and over again is a sanity saver in my book.

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More Information:

Learn More At the Kidz Gear Website.  Wired model sells for $20 and the Wireless for $26.

FULL DISCLOSURE: We received the Kidz Gear headphones to review. We received no money for doing this review and receive nothing if you do decide to buy the Kidz Gear headphones. Moms and Dads, you can thank us later for making your car rider more peaceful. This is a real review, by a real Dad (and his kids)!

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