Fatheadz Tells Big Headed Guys – It is Safe to Come Out in The Sun Again

fatheadz sunglasses

fatheadz sunglasses

Big headed people of the world rise up and say it with me – “I Have a Big Noggin and I Not Going to Take Sunglasses That Don’t Fit Me Anymore!”  Okay, maybe we have to work on a better war cry – but really, why should guys with big heads need to wear sunglasses that just don’t fit.  If we have Big and Tall shops, why can’t we have big and wide sunglasses?

FatHeadz Sunglasses Allow Big Headed People To Venture Into the Sunlight

Now Fatheadz Eyewear claims they have created oversized sunglasses that will finally allow big headed people to venture into the sunlight with sunglasses that actually fit their big heads. We decided to try out a pair of Fatheadz sunglasses, here is the video –

Some Nice Specs on The Fatheadz Specs

Clearly the claim to fame on the Fatheadz sunglasses is that they are made for people with large heads.  The width of the sunglasses, the space for the nose – all bigger.  Still, the Fatheadz also have some other impressive specs.  You can get sunglasses with polarized and impact resistant lenses.  There are also a number of different styles – 12 styles of oversized sunglasses in the 2011 line.

But Really, If You Get FatHeadz, It Is Because You Have a Fat Head!

Good products solve problems.  If you have the problem that normal sunglasses don’t fit your big head, then Fatheadz is the solution to your problem.  The fact that you can get polarized and impact resistant lens is a nice bonus, but big noggin people will just be happy to have sunglasses that actually fit.

Fatheadz Gives You The Numbers You Need

When viewing the different styles of Fatheadz you see a chart for each style like this –


You can see the exact dimensions of each style of sunglasses and find the one that will fit you best.  One of the nicer numbers when it comes to Fatheadz is the price.    Depending on the style you choose, a pair of Fatheadz will only set you back about $25 – $40.

Conclusion:  Fatheadz Sunglasses

Fatheadz does make some standard size sunglasses, but I don’t really see people buying Fatheadz for their looks.  The real appeal here is for guys with bigger heads, who would love to have a pair of sunglasses that just fit their head.  Fatheadz fill a niche and does so at a nice price with decent styles and specs.

Be prepared to see more big headed people out during the day, now that they finally have sunglasses that will fit them!

More Information:

Learn More at: Fatheadz Eyewear

Price:  Ranges from $25 – $45

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FULL DISCLOSURE: We received a pair of Fatheadz sunglasses to review. We received no money for doing this review and receive nothing if you do decide to buy Fatheadz.  If you do get Fatheadz, you may actually feel like your head shrunk when you wear them – don’t worry, your head did not shrink.   This is a real review, by a real Dad (and his kids)!

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