Review: FishEyes Rod & Reel – Smile Fish You Are On TV!

FishEyes - Fish Eyes Rod and Reel with Underwater Camera

FishEyes - Fish Eyes Rod and Reel with Underwater Camera

I am no expert fisherman.  I grew up in NYC, my idea of fishing was trying to catch a rat off the subway tracks.  Still, the one thing I do know about fishing is that it is not the most exciting of endeavors.    If you are a Dad who loves fishing, it can be a real challenge to get your kids excited to go fishing with you.  After all, our tech obsessed kids are probably more interested in playing a fishing app on your phone than going fishing.

FishEyes Rod & Reel – Fish, Get Ready For Your Close-Up

FishEyes Rod & Reel, a new product from Nextsport, promises to make fishing a more entertaining and high tech experience.  The Fish Eyes fishing rod has an underwater video camera attached to its fishing line and a full motion LCD screen on the fishing rod.  Now when you go fishing you can watch a live video feed of what is going on under the water.

Here is a quick video we did in the Advanced Dad Does Fishing Test Lab -

Pretty cool how we decorated our Advanced Fishing Test Lab to look like an ordinary bathroom – right?  The video really does not show the quality of the images on the LCD screen, but take our word for it,  the images are clear and it is easy to make out fish.

FishEyes Rod & Reel with Underwater Video Camera – Spectate or Participate

The FishEyes Rod and Reel comes with a bait basket and weights.  If you just want to watch the fish at your fishing spot, just put some food in the bait basket and watch on the LCD screen as fish eat the bait.  If the water is murky, you can turn on the fishlight and see more underwater.

If you actually want to catch some fish, you will need to supply your own hook and place it above the bait basket.  You can then watch with great frustration as fish somehow pull the bait right off your hook and swim away.

Do The Fish Deserve Some Privacy?

In our testing, the FishEyes does work as advertised – it allows you to see what is going on underwater when you are fishing.   The only real question is – do you really need to see underwater when you are fishing? The literature that comes with the FishEyes talks about “smarter fishing” and how the camera allows you to fish where the fish are, but I think the real appeal will be with the kids.

My guess is that serious fishermen will not need to see what is happening underwater.  In addition, the plastic construction of the fishing rod will not appeal to hardcore fishermen.  However, if you are trying to get your kids interested and excited with fishing, than the FishEyes is a great fishing rod.   Kids just love being able to watch the fish on the LCD screen.  In addition, the bait basket is a great idea for kids who are not into seeing fish impaled on a hook.  Kids can go “fishing”, but really they are just watching fish eat from the bait basket.


  • Can See Fish Underwater
  • Sun Shade allows you to see LCD in bright sunlight
  • FishLight allows you to see in murky water
  • Bait Basket allows kids to watch fish, without having to pull fish off a hook


  • No ability to record the video you see
  • Plastic assembly – may not last forever
  • If line breaks you can lose the underwater camera

Conclusion:  FishEyes Rod and Reel with Underwater Camera

Very serious fishermen may see FishEyes as a gimmick and not how “real fishing” should be done.  On the other hand, kids will love FishEyes and the ability to see what is going on underwater.   I can see Dads (and Moms) fishing with a traditional pole, but the kids happily coming along with the FishEyes to spy on the fish.  Any product that keeps the kids happy while Dad can fish, is a good product for Dads!

I just had a great idea, maybe I can use this to finally catch those rats on the NYC subway tracks – maybe I will rename my FishEyes to RatEyes Rod!

FishEyes Rod and Reel With Underwater Video Camera Gets 4 D’s (scale of 1 to 5) -

4 D Rating - Well Done

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More Information:

Learn More At the FishEyes Website. FishEyes sells for about $80.

FULL DISCLOSURE: We received the FishEyes to review. We received no money for doing this review and receive nothing if you do decide to buy a FishEyes. If you find a sunken treasure ship while fishing with the FishEyes, please give us 10% of the loot! This is a real review, by a real Dad (and his kids)!

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