Hey Dads, We Are Going to the Natural Products Expo – Can We Bring You Back Anything?

Natural Products Expo East

Natural Products Expo East

Next week the Blog World show is going on in warm, never rainy, Las Vegas.  The show will be the place to be for bloggers to learn all types of blogging tricks.  So, we are proud to announce that next week, we will be traveling to Boston – where it may be snowing or a hurricane this time of year – to attend the Natural Products Expo!  We told you we do things differently here!

We Care About You and That is Why We Are Heading to the Natural Products Expo

Sure Blog World would teach us a lot about how to run our site, market it and even make money off of it, but really how does that help you guys out?  Also, there is the thing about Natural Products Expo giving away a ton of free food – but we will of course be thinking of you guys as we take baths in melted Organic chocolate.

What in the World is This Natural Products Expo?

In all seriousness, the Natural Products Expo is a very cool way to learn about Natural and Organic foods, supplements and personal care products.  Jump over to the Expo East site and you can see the list of all the vendors that will be there.  It is a huge show and really covers almost everything that is natural and/or organic.

Ton of Stuff for Moms, Dads and Kids

The show has pretty much every healthy thing you might ever want to give your kid – from vitamins and food to organic shirts and skin cream.  In addition, if your child has allergies – they have some great food alternatives.  Peanut Butter without peanuts, bread without wheat, cookies without eggs – you get the idea.

What is Dad Does Doing at the Natural Products Show

We will be looking for great products to review and see if they can make a Dad (or Mom’s) life easier or better.   We also will be collecting samples and other goodies,  which we may send out to our readers! Make sure to Join Dad Does – so we can send you some neat products and samples we get.

Of course, don’t forget to Follow Us On Twitter (@DanDadDoes) since we will be tweeting from the show on Wednesday 10/13/10 until Saturday 10/16/10.

We Are Your Servant, Tell Us What You Want to Know!

We work for you boss!  Leave a comment below (or email us )  and let us know what you would like us to check out at the show.  Do you have a kid with peanut allergies and are looking for new snack ideas – let us know!  Have a question/concern/complaint that you want voiced to any of the companies there – let us know and will ask/state or complain for you!  Want us to record us yelling at some company who did you wrong – you got it! This is going to be fun.


To recap, here is the deal –

1. We are going to be roaming the Natural Products Expo for 3 days (10/13-10/16)

2. Join Dad Does – we may get some neat samples to send out to our members

3. Take a look at all the great companies that are attending Natural Products Expo

4. Tell Us What We Should Check Out For You – Leave a Comment Below, Hit Us on Twitter or Drop Us An Email

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