The Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide 2011 – PART 2

ArtRage for iPad

Father's Day Gift Guide 2011

UPDATE: We have released our New 2012 Father’s Day Gift Guide! Please click here to see the New Father’s Day Gift Guide 2012!

You can’t contain a Father’s Day Gift Guide to just one page – it just isn’t possible.  Father’s Day is simply too important to have a one part Gift Guide, so we happily move on to Part 2 today.

If You Missed it, Make Sure You Read Part I of the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide!

Onward, to Part 2 of the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide 2011 –

For the Techy Dad Who Likes To Live On The Cutting Edge, But Not Get Cut

Motorola Atrix 4G Phone and Laptop Dock

Motorola Atrix 4G

Does Dad like cool cutting edge technology, but doesn’t have time for gadgets that require him to constantly update drivers and search FAQs just to get the gadget working?  Give Dad the Motorola Atrix 4G Phone and Laptop Dock and watch a grown man cry for joy.

The Atrix is a phone with so much power it can also turn into a full functioning laptop with the laptop dock.  No complicated software to install, no firewall settings, no updating of virus software – just plop the phone in the laptop dock and seconds later your laptop desktop is open and ready to go!  This is how life on the cutting edge should be.

Full Review (and video) of the Motorola Atrix 4G and Laptop Dock

Price: Varies based on cell phone provider contract

For the Dad Who Likes Playing With Little Balls

Boccini Travel Set

Boccini -Play Boccini

Get your mind out of the gutter, this is a Father’s Day guide after all!  By little balls we mean miniature Bocce balls.  Boccini is a simple, portable, fun and addictive game based on Bocce ball.  First you roll one ball, then you and your opponents take turns trying to roll your balls closest to that first ball.

Boccini is small and made with non-marking balls, so Dad can take it and play it anywhere.  As Dr. Seuss would say, he can play it in the house, he can play it with a mouse…

Full Review (and video) of Boccini Ball Set

Sells for About $17 .

For the Forgetful Dad,  Who Melts Without His Phone

Bringrr Smart Phone Charger

Bringrr Smart Charger

Forgetting your wallet?  Not the end of the world.  Forgetting your kids?  Hey, we all have bad days.  Forgetting your cell phone?  Holy crap you’re screwed!  Let’s face it, as a Dad your cell phone is your life line – you really can’t afford to leave it sitting on the counter when you venture out into the cruel world.

Bringrr is a car charger with a clever trick.  Start your car and if you try to drive away without your phone in the car,  an alarm goes off.  It works by using Bluetooth to sense if the phone is in the car when you go to leave.  Get Dad the Bringg for Father’s Day and then you can always call him and tell him he forgot his wallet and the kids.

Full Review (and video) of  Bringrr Smart Phone Charger

Price:  About $40

Perfect Gift for Dad’s With iPhones Who Just Need a Drink

Be A Headcase Bottle Opener Case for the iPhone

Be A HeadCase Bottle Opener iPhone Case

Sometimes Dad Just Needs a Beer.   When Dad holds a cold frosty microbrew beer in his hands, the last thing he wants to do is go searching for a bottle opener- like we said, Dad Needs a Beer.   Give Dad the Be A Headcase iPhone Bottle Opener Case and he will be able to pull out his iPhone and snap open that bottle of beer in seconds.  Disaster averted.

Product Review (and video) of the Be A Headcase iPhone Bottle Opener Case

Price:  About $20

For the Dad Who Fancies Himself a Photographer

Portare Camera Bag

Portage camera bag

Sure, we all have cameras built into our phones – but if Dad wants to take high quality photos of the kids, he is probably using a SLR or D-SLR camera.  If Dad has a SLR camera, he will need a bag to carry in it – both the camera and the endless snacks and toys for the kids!

The Portare Camera Bag is a camera bag, diaper bag and laptop bag all in one.  Dad can carry all his camera equipment in this bag and still have room for the necessities of life – like Goldfish crackers and wipes.

Full Product Review (and video) of the Portare Camera Bag

Price:  About $139 (or $79 with DadDoes coupon)

For the Dad Who Fancies Himself a Photographer – PART II

Atlanta Zoo Photo Book and AdoramaPix Photo Books

Zoo Atlanta Photo Books

It is like the “If You Give A Mouse a Cookie Books” – give Dad the Portare Camera Bag mentioned above and he will take more photos.  If Dad takes more photos, he needs a way to show them off!  We have two great ideas based on price range and quality needs.

The Atlanta Zoo Photo Book can have absolutely no photos from the Atlanta Zoo!  What is cool is that you order a photo book from the Atlanta Zoo website, fill it with any of your photos and the Zoo gets 25% of the sale price and you get a great photo book.

If you need the highest quality photo books, then give Dad the AdoramaPix Photo Book for Father’s Day.  The AdoramaPix Photo Book is absolutely beautiful and will make even the most picky Dad photographer – happy as can be!

Full Product Review (and video) On The Atlanta Zoo Photo Book

Price:  Around $35

Full Product Review on the AdoramaPix Photo Book

Price: Around $80

For the Fisherman Dad With the Tech Savvy Son

Fisheyes Rod and Reel with Underwater Video Camera

FishEyes - Fish Eyes Rod and Reel with Underwater Camera

I can tell, you are a Dad who enjoys the simple things in life, fishing, relaxing and just watching the water splash across the dock.   Your son on the other hand has an app for everything and believes there is nothing that can’t be improved by adding a few batteries to it.  So, how do you get your son interested in the passive and low tech sport of fishing?  You get him the FishEyes Rod and Reel with an underwater camera.  He can fish and watch on the attached LCD screen exactly what is happening under water.

You may be wondering, how is buying your son (or daughter) an electronic fishing rod a Father’s Day gift for you?  If your kid now finds fishing fun, you get to go out fishing more – sometimes you need to be tricky with Father’s Day gifts!

Full review (and video) on the FishEyes Rod and Reel with Underwater Camera

Price:  About $80

Perfect Gift For The Word Warrior, Space Buff Dad Who Loves to Laugh

You’ve Been Sentenced! With NASA Space Terminology Add-On Deck

NASA Add On deck for You've Been Sentenced

Some Dads can tell you every player on the 1950 Dodgers, while other Dads can tell you every Astronaut who has circled the globe.  For the latter group, make them happy this Father’s Day with the NASA Terminology Add-One Deck for the You’ve Been Sentenced! game.

You’ve Been Sentenced! is a fun, family game where you make bizarre sentences and then have to defend them to score points.  Sure, this game is for kids 8 and up, but Dads will love playing it as much as the kids and it will give Dad a chance to show off his bizarre knowledge of NASA.

Full Review (and video) of You’ve Been Sentenced! and NASA Terminology Add On Deck

Price: About $30 for You’ve Been Sentenced and the NASA Space Add On Deck

For The Stressed Out Gadget Dad

emWave2 – Portable Stress Relief Gadget

emWave2 from HeartMath

Is Dad one of those guys who has a love/hate relation with his techy gadgets? Is he always excited to get the newest gadget, but then gets completely stressed out trying to use the gadget?  Well, we have the perfect Father’s Day Gift for you!

The emWave2 is a cool little gadget that will help Dad increase personal balance, energy, and overall well-being.  In addition, the emWave2 is a gadget that actually uses science and research to reduce your stress levels!  Now, this is what we call moving technology in the right direction.

Full Product Review (and video) of the emWave2 by HeartMath

Price:  $229

Ideal Gift For The Dad With a Trapped Inner Artist

ArtRage for iPad App

ArtRage for iPad

Maybe had things broken slightly differently, Dad would have been a famous painter.   Rather than dealing with the kid’s meltdowns at the museum, he would be dealing with which museums are worthy of his work.  This Father’s Day free the trapped inner artist in Dad by getting him the ArtRage App for the iPad!

ArtRage is a very realistic painting studio that lives inside your iPad.  Dad can paint, smear, blend and mix paints on the iPad and create realistic looking paintings.    Kids, just promise us this – if Dad’s artwork does end up in a museum – no meltdowns during his art opening!

Full Product Review of the ArtRage iPad App

Price: $6.99

The Gift Basket That Will Clean Up Dad’s Act

Lubriderm 3-In-1 Men’s Lotion Gift Basket

Cleanup Your Act

Being a Dad is not easy.  Some days crazy luxuries like washing your face, shaving and maybe even slapping a little sweet smelling lotion on, go by the waste side.   Days turn into weeks and before you know it, Dad is looking more like a Wolfman than a man.

Bring out Dad’s Inner Handsomeness with a Lubriderm 3-In-1 Men’s Lotion Gift Basket.  The $55 Gift Basket has goodies like lotion, a cordless trimmer and some very cool cleanser that gets Dad clean without soap.  Yes, Dad can be turned from a Wolfman back into a Man… without using a silver bullet.

Full Review and Details on Lubriderm 3-In-1 Men’s Lotion Gift Basket

Price:  $55

Top Gift For That Beautiful, But Big Headed Dad

Fatheadz Oversized Sunglasses

fatheadz sunglasses

Some Dads just have a very big head.  There we said it.   Just because Dad is blessed with a big, beautiful noggin does not mean he should have to go through life wearing sunglasses that don’t fit.  This year pick up a pair of the oversized  Fatheadz Sunglasses for Dad, and let him enjoy the sunlight as much as all the tiny headed people in the world.

Full Product Review (and video) of the Fatheadz Sunglasses

Price:  Range from $25 – $45

Perfect Gift For The Dad Who Just Wants a Quiet Car Ride

Kidz Gear Headphones

Kidz Gear Headphones

Why put headphones made for kids on a Father’s Day Gift List?  Because, if Dad has to go through one more car rider with the Barney DVD blasting, he may go insane.  Kidz Gear makes wireless headphones that work with most cars with built-in DVD systems.  Pick the wired of wireless model, either way Dad will be one step closer to retaining his sanity!

Full Product Review (and video) on the Kidz Gear Headphones

Price:  $20 for wired model, $26 for wireless

Perfect Gift For The Dad Who Loves Simple Solutions

Standeazy Smartphone Stand

Standeazy the smartphone stand

Our smartphones have become our camera, TV, music player, alarm clock…basically everything.   As smart as smartphones are, they have not figured out how to stand up…yet.  Enter the Standeazy Smartphone stand.  This stand is the size and thickness of a credit card, but folds open to hold Dad’s smartphone in landscape or portrait mode.   If Dad travels, he can now plop his smartphone on the Standeaze and watch video of the kids, for hours on end.

Full Product Review (and video) of the SmartEazy Smartphone Stand

Price: About $7

Stay tuned – many more gift ideas to come between now and 6/19/2011 – Father’s Day!

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