Samuel Adams Utopias, What Other Beers Fantasize About

Samuel Adams Utopias

Imagine for a moment you were an average beer.  Who could blame you if you had dreams about being being stronger and bolder – standing out from all the other beers.   You might even fantasize about losing your ordinary bottle or can and getting some sick, pimped out container to live in.  If I may, perhaps in your wildest fantasies you would look like this –

Samuel Adams Utopias

Samuel Adams Utopias – A Beer Fantasy Comes to Life

What you see above is Samuel Adams Utopias – the beer that makes other beers weep.  In 2002, the first batch of Utopias was crowned the world’s ‘strongest beer commercially available’ in the Guinness Book of World Records.  The 2011 offering of Samuel Adams Utopias weighs in at 27 percent alcohol by volume. The average beer is around 5 percent.  This is no chugging beer, it is an extreme beer that is meant to be sipped like a cognac.

Sorry It Took So Long to Get Your Beer, We Were Brewing It For 18 Years

How do you make an extreme beer that is 27 percent alcohol?  Very slowly!  Jim Koch, founder of Samuel Adams said “Each time we begin the process of crafting our next evolution of Samuel Adams Utopias, we strive to make the new vintage more unique than the last, and the 2011 brew is no exception.  The brewers and I spent years perfecting it, experimenting with different barrels and aging techniques until we felt it lived up to the long-standing heritage of Samuel Adams Utopias — a quest to push the boundaries of beer.”

The 2011 batch of Samuel Adams Utopias is a blend of liquids which have been aged in a variety of wood casks for up to 18 years! This complex aging process enhances the beer’s distinct vanilla, maple and cocoa notes, and it offers an aroma of ginger and cinnamon. Sherry casks from Spain and Portugal add nutty oak, toffee and honey notes, while Madeira and port casks offer a slightly more elegant, dark fruit aroma, imparting earthy flavors inherent to fine European spirits.  The complex flavors intensify individually over time, making Samuel Adams Utopias a very special brew that becomes even better with age.

If We Weren’t So Cheap, Utopias Would Go Into Our Father’s Day Gift Guide

As many of our readers know, we have created the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide 2011.  The guide is our battle cry to end the boring tie giving that goes on each Father’s Day.   We are looking for fun, wacky, unique and different father’s day gift ideas and the Samuel Adams Utopias fits the bill.

So, why isn’t Utopias on the Father’s Day Gift List?  Because we are too cheap to spend $150 on a bottle of beer!  Yep, Utopias sells for $150 per bottle and since we never recommend what we have not personal tested – we can’t add it to the Father’s Day Gift Guide.

Here is a solution – any readers want to go out for drinks?  We will buy the first round, maybe something like a Sam Adams Summer Ale to get us started.  You buy the second round, maybe something a little stronger, perhaps a bottle of Utopias?

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