D-Link DCS-932L Wireless N Camera Review – For When You Need to See In the Dark

D-Link DCS 932L

D-Link DCS 932L

Ever wonder what really goes on in the kid’s room when you turn the lights off?  Well, wonder no more!  The D-Link DCS-932L Wireless Camera allows parents everywhere to see and hear what is going on, even in total darkness.  Kids everywhere are probably cursing D-Link right about now.

The DCS-932L Camera in Action

We do a lot of video reviews here at Dad Does, and if we didn’t do a video review of a video camera – I think we would lose our product review license.    So, here is our video review of the DCS-932L –

The fact that there is a skunk walking around my house at night is still freaking me out.   It was incredible that the camera picked up the skunk, because at 1am up here, it really is pitch black outside.

The DCS-932L – the Night Vision Big Brother of the DCS-930L

In March, we did a full review of the D-Link DCS 930L Camera.  The DCS 930L is basically the exact same camera as the DCS 932L except it can NOT record in darkness.  Rather than repeat all the features that the two cameras have in common, go ahead and take a quick read of the D-Link DCS 930L Camera Review.  Don’t worry we will wait…

You back?  Great, then let’s focus on the major new feature that the DCS-932L introduces – seeing in the dark.

Around The Clock Surveillance, In a Simple To Use Camera

In our review of the DCS-930L one of our major cons was poor performance in low light.  The DCS-932L uses built-in IR LEDs to allow you to see in near total darkness.  As we showed in the above video, the camera was able to pick up a skunk outside our house in complete darkness.    My guess is that most parents will be more interested in using the camera to see their baby in the crib, than a skunk – and given that a baby’s room has a night light, the DCS-932L will have absolutely no problem taking quality videos.

DCS-932L Provides More Features, But Same Simple Setup

We like when a new version of a product comes out with better features.  We LOVE when a new version of a product comes out with better features and it is still easy to setup and use.

We loved how the DCS-930L was super easy to use.  You don’t need to have a computer on, the camera has a server built-in and transmits the video over your wireless network.  You can watch the video from your camera by using the myDlink app on your iPhone or any web browser.  D-Link did a great job of introducing night vision for the camera without making setup any more complex for us time challenged parents!

You Want Complicated, Advanced Surveillance Features?  You Got It!

My guess is that most Moms and Dads will stick with the very simple to use myDlink web based software.  However, if you want to get into some very advanced surveillance software just fire up the included Dlink D-Viewcam software.   You can monitor up to 32 cameras, set record schedules, have the system sound an alarm and email you if motion is detected and much, much more.

We used the D-ViewCam software to get the footage of the skunk in our video.  We set the camera to only record if there was motion in the zone we defined.  In the morning we then looked at the log and could see exactly when the skunk went out for his walk.

PROS of the D-Link DCS-932L Wireless N Camera:

  • Easy Setup. No Messing With IP addresses and Permissions
  • Can Record in Almost Complete Darkness
  • No PC needed – Camera Has CPU and Web Server Built-In
  • Simple myDlink Web Based Software for Easy Viewing from Any PC
  • No Fees for Using myDlink Software
  • iPhone and Android App for Remote Viewing by Phone
  • Motion Detection, Email Notification and Auto FTP Uploading of Images and Video

CONS of the D-Link DCS-932L Wireless N Camera:

  • No Ability to Remotely Rotate or Move Camera
  • No Audio in the iPhone App
  • No Battery Pack Option, Must be Close to an AC Outlet
  • Light Flashes on Camera, No Stealth Record Mode

Conclusion:  D-Link DCS-932L Wireless N Day/Night Network N Camera

If you are looking for a simple to setup and use surveillance camera, that can  work in near total darkness, the DCS-932L is an excellent choice.   The fact that the camera works with your wireless network and does not require a computer to send the video feed makes it very versatile.    We would still love to have an easy to use camera that has pan and tilt capabilities and could run off of batteries (so no wires needed), maybe D-Link will make a DCS-934 in the future?   If you will excuse me, I need to go check the record logs and see if the skunk was back for another visit.

Note: Amazon Has The D-Link DCS-932L On Sale for $98 (click here for details)

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More Information:

Learn More At the D-Link Website.  The DCS-932L sells for about $120.
Note: Amazon Has The D-Link DCS-932L On Sale for $98 (click here for details)

FULL DISCLOSURE: We received the DCS-932L to review.  We received no money for doing this review and receive nothing if you do decide to buy a DCS-932L.   If you get a DCS-932L and then learn about skunks partying in your backyards, which leads to endless nightmares – sorry.  This is a real review, by a real Dad (and his kids)!

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