Review: Polar Pillow – For the Hot Head In Your Life

PolarPillow Review

PolarPillow Review

They say that great products should solve problems.    If you have the problem of your pillow getting too hot when you sleep on it and constantly having to flip your pillow to get to the cool side, then do we have the product for you.   The Polar Pillow promises to turn you from a pillow flipper to a sound sleeper.

Learning More About The World’s Heaviest Pillow AKA The PolarPillow

What exactly is the Polar Pillow?  Take a look at this quick video…

How The Polar Pillow Pulls Off Its Magic

The Polar Pillow is part regular pillow and part scientific gel.  The Polar Pillow does not require refrigeration, charging or electricity – so how does it work?  The blue side of the pillow is filled with 200 ounces of endothermic gel that uses the coolness of ambient room temperature to dissipate body heat.   Yes, you read that right -200 ounces!  This is why the PolarPillow is also the heaviest pillow you will ever feel – about 12 pounds!

Does the Polar Pillow Really Stay Cool?

In a word – YES!  We had everyone in the family test it,  the grown ups and the kids, over the course of a few nights, and that magic blue gel really does stay cool.  The pillow does not get cold, but it stays pleasantly cool.  In addition, it really couldn’t be easier to use, lay your head on the pillow and in a few seconds you feel coolness.  No maintenance required, put a normal pillow case on it and treat it like a normal pillow.  Just don’t have a pillow fight with it – at 12 pounds you could take someones head off!

It’s Like Sleeping On A Very Small, And Cool, Waterbed

As cool as the PolarPillow is, it does take some getting used to sleeping with a gel pillow.   It feels like your head is on a nice cool waterbed.    If you prefer really firm pillows, the PolarPillow may not be right for you.  On the other hand, the gel is necessary to make the pillow cool.  There are a number of other cool touch pillows on the market that do not use any gel, but they fail to actually stay cool.  So, if you want a cool touch pillow, a gel pillow is the way you need to go.

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Conclusion:  Polar Pillow Cool Touch Pillow – The Pillow For The Hot Head in Your Life

If you have never flipped your pillow and never given a thought to a hot pillow, there is obviously no reason to get the Polar Pillow.  For the pillow flippers out there, who don’t sleep soundly as they try to find the cool spot, the PolarPillow is for you.  The only real downside is the price, at $99 you will pay for the cool comfort.  On the other hand, if the Polar Pillow helps you sleep and you spend 8 hours a night sleeping, $99 is a small price to pay.

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More Information:

Learn More At the PolarPillow Site. The PolarPillow sells for $99.  Use the Promo Code “DADDOES” and save 10%

FULL DISCLOSURE: We received a Polar Pillow to review and offer as a giveaway. We received no money for doing this review and receive nothing if you do decide to buy a Polar Pillow. If you get a Polar Pillow and have dreams of sleeping on an iceberg – sorry. This is a real review, by a real Dad (and his kids)!

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