McDonald’s Gets Health Insurance Waiver, Late Night Talk Shows Fire All Their Writers



Writing fresh, funny material for the late night talk shows must be hard.  You have to work hard to find current news that you can poke fun at and then craft the jokes.  That has all changed now. When the government issued a health insurance waiver to McDonald’s, the company with the super sized meals that is slowly killing all of us, well the jokes just pretty much write themselves.    Which is nice, because now the writers will have more free time to hang out with their families at McDonald’s.

McDonald’s Gets One Year Exemption from Health Insurance Reform

Apparently McDonald’s felt it was going to be too expensive to provide the full health care benefits as outlined in the Health Care Reform legislation.  In fact, McDonald’s argue that it might have to drop medical benefits all together for some of its 30,000 hourly employees if it did not get a waiver.  Well, what McD’s wants – McD’s gets!

Parents Get No Exemption From Non-Stop McDonald’s Ads

Okay, I get that sometimes the government needs to make compromises for the greater good of the nation – but they could have negotiated a better deal.  What Mom or Dad is not sick to death of all the ads for the Kids Meal Toys and movie tie-ins, all trying to brain wash our kids?  So, why didn’t the government make a deal – McD’s gets the health care waiver for a year and parents get one year without those crazy Happy Meal Toy ads!

Maybe McDonald’s Is Worried Its Employees Actually Eat McDonald’s Food?

We are just spit-balling here, but perhaps McDonald’s employees tend to eat a lot of McDonald’s food, and we know what that means for your health.  If  you ask me, there are two groups of people I would not want to have to insure – chain-smoking, sky diving crack heads and people who eat way too much McDonald’s food.

Read the Full Story – “Waivers Aim at Talk of Dropping Health Coverage”  – New York Times

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