In Honor of Mother’s Day All Snarkiness Removed From This Post

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day

With Mother’s Day this Sunday – May 8th, 2011, we thought long and hard on how to mark the occasion on Dad Does.   As a dad blogger I could write a snarky piece about Mother’s Day vs Father’s Day.  We had already done the, let’s rip off Martha Stewart’s Mother’s Day Gift Guide post.

I could also do the “it’s a made up Hallmark Holiday” post and rant on about the price of flowers and chocolate.  In the end, there was one thing that stopped me from writing my normal sarcastic and holiday bashing post…

Mother’s Really Are The Best

I know we shouldn’t generalize.  Maybe thinking Mothers are great makes me a Mother Supremacist or a Motherist???  Don’t get me wrong, I am sure there are some truly evil Mothers out there, but in my experiences, Moms really are incredible in their sensitivity, kindness, capabilities and compassion.   Really, if there is any one group who deserves a special day, it is Moms.

Wait, Don’t Take Away My Dad Blogger Membership Card!

I can hear other Dad Bloggers calling for my head now.  I am a Dad, I should be singing the praises of all the incredible Dads out there.  Don’t worry, come Father’s Day, we will be in full force Power to The Dads mode, but there is something incredible about the Mother and child bond.

I don’t think it is possible to love my kids more than I do and I feel incredibly connected to them.  But the truth is I didn’t carry them in my body for 9 months and then nurse them and that does create a special bond.   To see how wonderful my wife is with the kids, in every single way imaginable, is nothing short of amazing.

There Are Not Enough Tissues in The World If I Start Talking About My Mom

My mom, who passed away in 2008, was very simply put, the most incredible person I have ever known.  My Mom always thought Mother’s Day was a silly holiday and played down the need to make any fuss about it, but that is just because she was completely selfless and only carried about making her kids lives easier, better and happier.  I could say about 50 volumes more about how incredible my Mom was, but after the first three lines I would be electrocuted by my salty tears pouring over the keyboard.

Since my Mom’s passing, Mother’s Day has become bittersweet for me.  I was planning on becoming one of those angry Dads who complains about the holiday, just to cover up my sadness, but then my wife screwed that plan up.   I never thought  I would meet anyone who cared as much about their children as my Mom, but my wife has proven me wrong.  Sometimes I wonder if my wife has some special “be an incredible Mom and never get frustrated” pill she invented and takes every morning.

Incredible Moms May NOT be On the Endangered Species List

My guess is that as much as I want to believe that my Mom, my wife and my sister are completely unique in their ability to be incredible Moms, that is probably not the case.  In truth, many of the Moms reading this right now are incredible and selfless Moms who would do absolutely anything for their children.  So, no snide remarks or funny jokes today, simply our heart felt wish to you –

Happy Mother’s Day

To all the incredible Moms who make everyday a treasure for their children.  Enjoy Your Sunday!

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