Paper or Plastic? Trick Question Sucker – You Are Under Arrest!

Paper or Plastic Bag?

Paper or Plastic Bag?

Let me start by saying that I actually do care about the environment.  As a Dad, I would love for my kids to actually have a livable planet to raise their kids on.  It would be super sweet if that planet could still be Earth.  Having said all that, I am not sure that bags are really public enemy number one to this planet, but it looks like I may be in the minority on this one.

Plastic Bags Are The Work of the Devil

Four years ago San Francisco, CA became the first city to ban the use of plastic bags at stores.  Now Santa Clara County, CA and Southampton, NY have followed suit and banned plastic bags in supermarkets.   I can see the reasoning here – plastic bags are much worse for the environment than paper bags, so why give people the option of Plastic or Paper – just play it say and only offer paper.

Paper Bags Are The Work of the Devil

I guess Chicago was feeling jealous of the attention New York and California were getting with their plastic bag bans and decide to up the ante.  Evanston, IL – a suburb of Chicago is trying to pass a ban on all disposable bags, paper and plastic.  Yep, no disposable bags at all allowed in supermarkets.  Top that NY and CA!

Why Stop With Bags, Let’s Ban Everything Disposable

Toilet paper, is that really necessary?  Tissues?  Come on, why not just stick a knife in the planet and get it over with?  Let’s really get some benefits from those reusable canvas bags, why couldn’t those bags be used for toilet paper and tissues as well?  They are washable, right?

Does This Have Anything to Do With Product Reviews or Dad Blogging?

Absolutely not!  Sorry, we will get back on topic tomorrow, but we just found this story so weird we had to report on it.  As I said, I care deeply about the environment and the planet we leave to our children – I just don’t know if bag banning is the best way to achieve environmental bliss.

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