Lil Teammates – Collectible Toy Action Figures That Even a Dad Can Appreciate

Lil' Teammates New York Giants Football Running Back

Lil' Teammates

As a Dad, I have seen my share of collectible phases wash through our house.  Somewhere we have a box of Pokemon cards that still all look the same to me.  Elsewhere you will find a crate full of Bakugan creatures that my son told me he absolutely had to have.  With each collectible phase I would just roll my eyes and feel like a fool as I spent my money on collectibles that I couldn’t understand.

Now, Party Animal Toys has released the Lil’ Teammates line of 3 inch vinyl sports figures – finally a collectible that a Dad can understand! These cute little guys come in a variety of positions for the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and over 50 colleges.

Take a look at our video showing more about Lil’ Teammates…

Collectible Figures For The Younger Sports Fans

It may not come across in the video, but these figures are tough and can take a beating,which is great because they are made for 4-11 year olds.   Party Animal Toys knew that 4 year olds who collect figures are not going to put them in a glass case on the shelf – they are much more likely to see if they can fly them off the shelf.   Lil’ Teammates are built so that kids can play with them and abuse them.

Thankfully, They Don’t Make Every Player on Each Team

I love my Yankees, but the thought of having to buy 25 different Yankees for my son so he can have the complete “set” was giving me nightmares.  Thankfully, there is just one pitcher and one batter for each team (a catcher is coming in Series 2).   This makes perfect sense on a few levels.  First, younger kids will not really know the individual players on a team.  Second, players are changing teams more often than I change my socks, so it is best to have a “generic” Yankee hitter and pitcher.

There is No Confusing Lil’ Teammates With Transformers

Lil' Teammates New York Giants Football Running Back

Looking for an action figure that can transform from a robot, to a car, to a boat and then fire missiles? Lil’ Teammates is NOT what you want.  With the Lil’ Teammates sports action figures you can turn their heads and Series 2 will introduce some more moving body parts, but these are not Transformers.

I like the look and simplicity of the sports figures.  The real appeal will be to children who are fans of a team and get a kick out of owning officially licensed figures from their favorite teams.

You Can’t Have Collectibles Without a Website Tie In

The sports figures themselves are very low tech, but there is a Lil’ Teammates website that has some fun features.   You can keep track of all your figures, play games and learn trivia about your favorite teams.  Of course, you can also see all the other figures that your kids will be telling you they need to get.

Kids, if You Want to Keep Your Lil’ Teammates, Keep Them Away From Dad

I know these figures are made for young kids, but I have to say my New York collection of Lil’ Teammates sure looks sharp sitting on my desk at work.   Of course, I only have them at the office so that when the kids come to visit me at work, I will have something for them to play with.  Yep, that’s my story and I am sticking to it!  In addition, Father’s Day, that oh so fabulous holiday, is coming up and these could make a great little gift.

Join In On the Fun! We Are Giving Away 6 Lil’ Teammates

We are picking 3 lucky winners! Each winner will get their choice of 2 Lil’ Teammates Sports Figures.  A total of 6 Lil’ Teammates ($48 value) will be given away!

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Conclusion: Lil’ Teammates Collectible Sports Figures

Lil’ Teammates are simple and straightforward – and that is why I love them! No batteries, no battle points, no assembly – the officially licensed sports figures just sit there are look cute – perfect.  Clearly, if your kids are not into sports, you should take a pass on these figures.  On the other hand, if you have little ones who like sports and collecting, the Lil’ Teammates series is an excellent choice.

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More Information:

Lil’ Teammates from Party Animal Toys sell for about $8 each.

FULL DISCLOSURE: We received Lil’ Teammates to review and offer as a giveaway. We received no money for doing this review and receive nothing if you do decide to buy Lil’ Teammates.  Of course, if your child grows up to be a pro athlete, because we turned them onto sports with this review, we will expect a 10% cut of his first big league salary.   This is a real review, by a real Dad (and his kids)!

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